4.8 Review Sonic Unleashed

Sonic Unleashed is easily the best recent entry into the Sonic series, but that's hardly saying much when getting smacked around the head with a brick wrapped in your own intestines is a more entertaining prospect than enduring Sonic's previous outing. It seems pretty common these days to see the gaming press making fun of Sega's blue mascot, simply because Sonic Team have repeatedly paraded an endless series of disappointing decisions and failed expectations to the point that they've reached a critical mass of turgidity. It's enough to make any discerning gamer's stomach tie itself into knots. Sega are having another go with Sonic Unleashed, the first real entry into the series in two years, and a game with just enough merit underneath its heaping stacks of offal that it's enough to make anyone over the age of twenty who grew up with a Mega Drive want to crawl into their bed and cry.

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