HourPlay: Far Cry 2 Review

Pushing Play: "While Far Cry 2 does have a 2 in the name, it has nothing to do with the original Far Cry. One of the few first person shooters that takes the open world slant, Far Cry 2 sets you loose in Africa on a mission to kill an arms dealer. Like the bastard love child of GTA, Mercenaries and Call of Duty, FC2 is an open world smorgasborg of choose your own solution ballistic encounters. It even has some RPG elements thrown in for good measure.

I've heard Far Cry 2 referred to as a "slow burn" game that takes a few hours before it gets good. It takes a lot a lot to convince gamers to invest the kind of time necessary for these games to ripen, but Ubisoft seems up to the challenge. The concept of a "slow burn" video game intrigued me. I like that kind of music and film, why not my video games? My only worry was that with people saying that the game would take a while to warm up to, would I enjoy it in my HourPlay? To my surprise, the answer was yes."

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