Are Gaming Subscription Services the Future of Video Games?

Gaming subscription services are becoming ever more popular for both gamers and publishers. Are we looking at a future where all games are released through one of these services? Is there a future without retail releases of games?

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anast202d ago (Edited 202d ago )

Yes, they are the future that is being forced on everyone and applauded by sycophantic "journalism".

Lifexline202d ago

Lol how is it being forced? I subscribe to both PlayStation plus and game pass and no one is forcing me to put in my debit card and the information to subscribe to them. It is the future they can both coexist. If people chose to buy a blue ray format then go for it but if those who want to get a great value by buying a streaming subscription let them. How does it affect anyone.

anast202d ago

Just wait and see. Soon everyone will have to subscribe to play. Then you will have to use that stupid "lol" somewhere else.

Secondly, how can I allow someone to do something of which I have zero control. "Let them" is just as dumb as your "lol".

It affects everyone when the company comes to collect and everyone has to subscribe to play. It will look similar to the way micros played out.

CYALTR202d ago

I think it is going to go the same way as music and movies. Most people will get their games this way, but there will still be some sort of physical media available. It will probably be the more expensive way to go and become more the land of the "hardcore gamer" and collector.

anast202d ago

Hopefully your optimism turns out to be true.

shinoff2183202d ago

More expensive alot of times I can find a physical version of a game cheaper then on console digital stores.

Fist4achin202d ago

I'm not looking forward to this shift.

MrVux000197d ago

If it is, then it is time for me to find a new hobby.