GameCyte Review: Sonic Unleashed

GameCyte writes: "If anybody truly needed a Christmas miracle this year, it was poor old Sonic the Hedgehog. Five months ago, we spent some time with our old blue pal at E3, taking a sneak peek at Sega's latest attempt to revitalize the flagging franchise: Sonic Unleashed. Distancing themselves from the abysmal Sonic 2006, Sonic Team promised us an experience in the classic Sonic vein in some speedy, beautiful levels, along with some all-new brawling and platforming action through Sonic's new "werehog" form. Like good Sonic fans, we smiled, crossed our fingers, and held out hope, reassured that this time, this time, we'd finally get the Sonic game we'd been waiting for. And, like Sonic fans always do, we got hosed."

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