Square Enix Announces Financial Results Decline but FF14's Strong Performance Continues

Square Enix announced its financial results for the first half of the fiscal year, which is the period between April and September 2022.

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DeathTouch89d ago

I'm sure the NFT project they just announced will recoup these losses. It's exactly what people wanted, nevermind they were praying for a Parasite Eve remake.

lelo2play89d ago

Square released a lot of crap this year... if not for Final Fantasy, they would be broke.

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Terry_B89d ago

Has been a damn long time since I bought a FF game when it was new. Last one being..FF 12. Any after that were remasters.

RedDevils89d ago

lol Same. 13 was a disappointment as well as 15 been boring and I was waiting for a discount price before buying too and that felt like I wasted the money on it.

BrainSyphoned89d ago

Front Mission releasing into obscurity on the Switch will help those numbers out a bunch I bet.

FinalFantasyFanatic89d ago

I still pray for a Switch release, going to be pissed if it's stuck on Switch forever.

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