PS3 How To: Importing a Music CD and Creating an Audio Playlist

PS Blog writes: "Hi everyone,
I'm sure your friends and family members were seriously impressed with your photo slideshow skills you learned on Friday. Similar to that, today we will learn how to import a CD and create a playlist using your favorite music. It's a little special today because we have two videos instead of one. So now you will be ready in case you want to put together a mix for your New Year's Eve party or create a soundtrack for your photo slideshow. Have fun!"

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Hellsvacancy3633d ago

I didnt know that you could rip music cds - another good reason for owning a Ps3

DragonWarrior465343633d ago (Edited 3633d ago )

I wish my 360 could do this. Would save me from having to listen to all my songs saved on my flash drive in the same order for the rest of my life. A random option would be just as nice. Oh yeah, did you know that you can rip music from your sd card in the ps3 sd slot? The same thing with movies as well. You can even download porn from the ps3's internet explorer. Ive got like 4 gigs of it on my 250 gig internal harddrive. I also watched Hancock the second day it was out from my ps3 using the internet explorer.

TIKUP3633d ago

iknew this sh!t before and all the thngs stated above and also hancock is a pretty good film! :P

San anto3633d ago

lol this is very basic stuff right here.

SmokeyMcBear3633d ago

really really basic... you dont even have to use media, just connect to your pc through the modem (media server) and download your songs directly to the ps3... sheesh...