This is Not a Top 10 List (And So Can You)

Game On: " Am I the only one smiling a hair less enthusiastically along with this year's top 10 lists? Know what I'm talking about? Scan the news sites and see for yourself. The feeds are bleeding numbers. "Top 10 Games of 2008," reads one. "Top 10 Controversies," teases another. Oh look, it's Braid! And there's LittleBigPlanet, cute and clumsy as a dangling button. Fallout 3, of course, full of ballistically bloody holiday cheer. And don't forget World of Goo, a startlingly clever little time-waster you probably haven't played but should.

Keep looking and you'll spot Metal Gear Solid 4 full of brain-tangling "ologies" and "isms," or Chrono Trigger DS, Square Enix's latest mercy reanimation to assuage its obsessively nostalgic base. Ironclad's majestic Sins of a Solar Empire made other real-time strategy games look puny and inconsequential, while Far Cry 2 seemed like the year's most promising roam-if-you-want-to shooter before committing gameplay suicide with its brain-dead checkpoint re-spawns.

And so on."

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