Venture Beat: Top ten games of 2008

Dean Takahashi of Venture Beat writes: "Here are my picks for the best games of the year. Each and every one of these games was so good that they could all easily be picks for game of the year. It's a reminder that 2008 was one of the best years we've ever had in the video game business."

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deantak3583d ago

hope it stirs some commentary.

Palodios3583d ago

Hmm.. Gears, Resistance, GTA... I think its pretty clear what kind of games this guy likes. What makes me wonder... Why Wii fit and Mario Kart over Smash, banjo and LBP? that's just silly.

GrandTheftZamboni3583d ago

"There is a constant pressure to move forward because your character, Nathan Hale, is infected with a virus and could succumb at any moment."

Nicely put. This pressure adds to game dynamics, though sometimes I wished I could relax and enjoy the graphics. I bought RFOM afterward and it was slow paced compared to R2, but I could appreciate the environment more. Now I'll take it easy playing R2 again.