A Plague Tale Requiem Gameplay Max Settings PC 4K - Asobo nail Incredible Visuals (again)

CG writes: French developer Asobo released their sequel to A Plague Tale Innocence recently (A Plague Tale Requiem) on consoles and PC, and once again prove some mastery at presenting fantastic visuals. We run the game in 4K on PC with the settings at their maximum. The first game, was impressive too, but this opening moment for the sequel has our jaws on the floor. As a side note, the RTX 4090 running this is using around 50% of its capability.

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MeatyUrologist94d ago

Game is absolutely stunning. Hard to believe it is one of the best looking games ever coming from such a small studio. I just wish the gameplay was a bit more refined. The environments really lack interaction and things like invisible walls really kill the feel of the world. Overall, incredible story and visuals, only held back by gameplay.

crazyCoconuts94d ago

I just started on PC (3080) and the depiction of nature like forests and streams are stunning- the best I've seen!
BTW if you connect your PS5 DualSense controller via USB, it'll take advantage of the advanced haptics. Not sure about the trigger resistance though

porkChop93d ago

It does support the triggers from what I understand. Not sure how or when they're used though.

crazyCoconuts93d ago

You feel the rotations of the sling on the trigger as you swing it around, it's pretty cool

Limitedtimestruggle93d ago

It's a real treat on PC, might be one of the best looking games I've played! So beautiful! It eats hardware for breakfast though lol!