Final Fantasy XVI Will Receive a Demo in Early 2023

Producer Naoki Yoshida has confirmed a demo version of Final Fantasy XVI will be released a few months before the full game’s launch next summer.

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Hofstaderman90d ago

Can't wait. It might allay some purists reservations regarding the battle system.

camel_toad90d ago (Edited 90d ago )

Ever since the original Final Fantasy VII demo I always get excited for FF demos. But I have to say in my humble opinion that the series isnt what it used to be like FFVII - FFX and of course the earlier Final Fantasies. But I do feel like they are making their way back which is why I'm excited for FFXVI.

High hopes but keeping them in check.

Hofstaderman90d ago

Couldn’t agree with you more except for one thing, the changes started with FFX. Linear maps, less weapons and armour, simplified accessories and their stats boost system. I miss the world map, here’s hoping FF7 Rebirth can find a way to work around that.

Tapani89d ago

Yes, the change started with FFX. And one of the rumors is that the reason they made those changes were because they wanted to put the game on ONE DVD instead of two. So manufacturing costs. FFX had a great story, though, and an interesting world. Shame it could not be explored freely.

Hofstaderman89d ago

@Tapani yeah after my first play through I felt slightly let down but after that I started to appreciate the intricacies of the game. Then FFXII was the complete opposite, large explorable world but lacking characterisation.

shinoff218389d ago (Edited 89d ago )

Camel toad I agreed with you up to the point of them making their way back. FF16 looks so far off of what ff used to be.

Hofstaderman your absolutely right. I enjoyed 10 but it definitely was the start of the change. Its like they took the cheap route with no world map and ff12 just rushed in imo what is the downfall of ff. At this point we have an action game with jrpg elements.

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FernDiggidy89d ago

So good that its not Turnbased :)

The3faces90d ago

This game looks absolutely SICK! Without a doubt my most anticipated game and hopefully I'll have a PS5 when it releases.

Snookies1290d ago (Edited 90d ago )

I just hope we get a PC release at some point. Then again, I am a little wary of Square-Enix when it comes to PC ports lol... But yes, the game looks incredible. I've had full confidence in the quality of it. Since the moment I heard it was Yoshida's team working on it.

phoenixwing90d ago

Can't wait to play the demo to death

Inverno90d ago

Must be feeling confident, then again FF 15 had 2 demos

curtain_swoosh90d ago

sure but its not wuite the same situation ha

sparky7790d ago

Stanger of Paradise, Star Ocean and Valkyrie Elysium all had demos too I doubt it's about confidence more of a new SE policy.

franwex90d ago

I really enjoyed FF15 myself-haha.

GaboonViper90d ago

My most wanted game of 2023.

Star5190d ago

The game i'm most looking forward to in the new year...unless the Beyond Good and Evil sequel comes to light

Yui_Suzumiya89d ago

Wasn't that supposed to release in 2012? God knows how many overhauls it has had throughout the years, lol

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