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Let's face it, the Prince Of Persia games from the last generation were a bit hit and miss. Sure the Sands Of Time completely blew everyone out of the water, but they went decidedly downhill from there, with neither sequel managing to really recapture the magic.

Even when you look at the prince's history, that rock-hard original or the illfated PC version Prince Of Persia 3D, it becomes curious as to what exactly has made him so popular. Ubisoft even has a movie on the way. That's serious stuff. Could the prince compete with the likes of Lara Croft or Indiana Jones at the box office? Well, to be quite frank, yes.

This latest version by Ubisoft Montreal is a complete overhaul – actually that's not strictly true. There are elements found in previous Prince Of Persia games, but stylistically and thematically this is a different game entirely. Ubisoft Montreal isn't afraid to wear its inspirations on its sleeves either. It's clear elements of both Ico and Shadow Of The Colossus have been pinched and used to great effect, more on that in a bit, but what makes this prince so different?"

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