Sixaxis tilt control 'rubbish' says Sega man

There have been loads of grumbles and gripes about Sixaxis - the motion-sensing thing is a bit gimmicky, Wii does it better and that the rumble is hugely missed.

But it's not just gamers that think this - one of Sega's top development men has broken rank to offer his thoughts.

"Tilt control's not difficult to do," says Guy Wilday, head of Sega Racing Studio, on the possibility of tilty-pad gameplay being included in their new version of Sega Rally for PS3. "Fundamentally, though, the whole tilt control thing is rubbish. It's no compensation for rumble."

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Booneral4900d ago

Why are the news posted on this site are generally "FLAME ON!" ready? It's just matter of time before people start arguing about this.

My opinion? Tilt function is a nice bonus, I'd like to have it in a FPS, being used as "Lean left and right" (don't know if Resistance already does that). I'd still like to have rumble too though. Oh well maybe in the future.

MikeMichaels4900d ago

...they work in every field. Usually the guys in charge are the biggest dumb asses of them all.

Feature Film has been showing us for many years that you don't need a "silly vibration effect" (that hardly ever lines up properly to the action on screen) to pull you into the action.

What rumble could possibly offer over a third analog stick (cause thats basically what the tilt sensor is) is beyond me, because i have yet to see anyone do anything interesting with rumble (Especially Sega) other than the Konami with the MGS series.

Captain Tuttle4900d ago

Just use your "ignore" button. There's probably only 10 people or so here who are trolls. Block them out.

Syko4900d ago

Either your system is dedicated to it (Wii), Or it was an after thought due to the lack of rumble (PS3). It will be interesting to see how far it goes on the PS3 in the future titles 2-3 years from now though or if it will fade out, Which I highly doubt. They really will need that one game that simply couldn't be done without it, Then people will be like wow i need that

TheMART4900d ago

The real problem is:

this has been done before for PC in the MS Sidewinder, people thought it was funny for 5 minutes. Swinging the controller down the room while you're in an intense gaming experience isn't cool. It's getting the intenting away from the game. Unless it's a 'fun gaming device' like the Wii is.

But there it's build around the controller, the motion sensing, which goes waaaaaay further then the motion sensing that has to be replacing rumble in a non changed PS2 controller.

So either way, with or without games that are optimal for it, it will fail this way. Even playing fun games with a Nintendo is only fun for a certain amount of time, or the owner is under 12 years old. Everyone else wants grown up stuff

eclipsegryph4900d ago

You certainly don't have to answer my question, but I must know - how old are you?

fury4900d ago

And I won't forgive them no matter what excuse they give. Not having rumble really sucks, especially when you play games like MotorStorm, which would indeed _need_ the rumble feature, because it gives a more intense gaming experience.
Shame on you Sony. Shame on you...

techie4900d ago

I think you have patents to blame for that. They were sued and didn't want to pay up - bad choice - they should have paid up. But I do think motion sensing is a good thing. I watched 1up about Motorstorm and one the guys said he would only play it with motion-tilt, and that the experience is much improved over analogue sticks.

eclipsegryph4900d ago

Seeing as how Motorstorm is being pretty well praised and accepted by the gaming community, I hardly see where there is a "need" for rumble. Your logic fails.

makingdamage4900d ago

There´s hardly any game using the functiopn yet, so how can that sega dude think it´s rubbish then? Because it´s no good use in a cargame?

Xtrm L1481L1TY4900d ago (Edited 4900d ago )

I'm sure you recall that disappointment. Trust me, I owned one back in 1999 and I just turned the motion sensing OFF (like every other PC gamer that owned one). Sony uses the exact same technology and it's NOTHING special at all. Yes, it's gimmicky!

Marty83704900d ago

Your Saying That Motion Tech has'nt improved in 8 years.....I say it has improved alot.

Xtrm L1481L1TY4900d ago

The Freestyle Pro has the exact motion capabilities and the same direction as the six-axis. Freestyle Pro even came with software to calibrate the sensitivity to your liking. Nintendo's Wii-mote is is the next evolutionary step to motion sensing as it's gyroscopic sensors detect real-world elevation as well (Unlike the Six-axis or Freestyle Pro).

MoonDust4900d ago

It's the same thing, i wonder where SNE got the idea from? It failed back then and it fails now.

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