Boom Boom Rocket images

Bizarre Creations put online a new studio update with more informations about the upcoming XBLA title Boom Boom Rocket, along with these 2 new screenshots.

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ryanjtravis4897d ago

Very nice... no idea what this game is about, but after Geometry Wars, I'm eagerly anticipating any XBLA releases from Bizarre.

Plus I loved the way the explosions looked in GeoWars, and judging by the screenshots, they've completely expounded on that here. Sweet!

calderra4897d ago

Er, so this gam ise gonna be a cross between DDR and Geometry Wars? Weird... can't wait to see the final result. Now if only you can use custom soundtracks and have levels generated to the music in realtime...

RelloC4897d ago

you need drugs for this one?