PS5 Outsells Original Xbox

Sony's latest video game console, the PlayStation 5, has outsold the lifetime sales of the original Xbox, according to VGChartz estimates.

The PS5 had sold an estimated 24.98 million units worldwide through October 22, 2022, while the original Xbox sold 24.65 million units lifetime.

Up next for the PS5 is the Atari 2600 with 30 million units sold, followed by the Nintendo 64 with 32.93 million units sold and the Sega Genesis / Mega Drive with 34.06 million units sold.

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Bathyj207d ago (Edited 207d ago )

A real shame the best Xbox sold so little.
Microsoft was a lot better hungry than glutinous pigs. Still enjoyed the console.

SullysCigar207d ago

I guess it being their first stab, they were always going to sell less. It was certainly a good effort as a console.

Then they went off piste with their kinect nonsense. I honestly feel they gave up after that.

Now they're trying to buy up the industry and will end up a publisher, falling out of the console race, I expect.

darthv72206d ago (Edited 206d ago )

The first XB was very much like the Master system to Sega. Better than the competition in terms of technical power but just not as popular. 360 would then be like the Genesis. First to usher in change and became really popular by comparison and giving the competition a real run for their money. It's kind of why many feel that MS felt like a natural passing of the torch from Sega. Having more 'tude and being edgier in their marketing.

Then Kinect came, and things were never the same. Kinect didnt arrive until 2010/11, so that meant there were 9 years of quality games before it (4y xb / 5y 360). Funny... how 5 years of kinect can totally wipe out any good grace that came before or even attempted to capture after.

Bathyj206d ago

Youse aren't wrong. The arrival of Kinect and the death of Xbox came day and date.

Lightning77206d ago

"Now they're trying to buy up the industry and will end up a publisher, falling out of the console race, I expect."

Every one says that every generation. They're not going anywhere no matter how bad you want them to go.

Godmars290206d ago

"Now they're trying to buy up the industry and will end up a publisher"

Not with Game Pass which is where all their energy/effort has gone. Though if their streaming plans go pear shaped they're more likely to split off the brand and let Xbox die.

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TheExecutioner206d ago

Remember that original xbox entered the race later than onther consoles and also was not popular much outside US

Concertoine206d ago

It pretty much picked up where the Dreamcast left off, which wasn’t a recipe for success, but was pretty dope.

trunkswd206d ago

The OG Xbox felt like a successor to the Dreamcast. Even the Duke controller felt like an evolution of the Dreamcast controller.

S2Killinit206d ago (Edited 206d ago )

The suits at MS hadnt fully learned the ropes so original xbox was planned by people that knew about gaming as an artform.

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The3faces206d ago

The console that introduced me to Max Payne. Halo, Rainbow 6, Fable and Kotor. Great times indeed!

Hofstaderman206d ago (Edited 206d ago )

PlayStation outsells XBOX each generation. Fixed.

HardKnockKid24206d ago

But why did you fix it? That’s the existential question to ask yourself lol

MrNinosan206d ago

Yeah, let's trust VGChartz more than Sony.

Didn't Sony just announce they've sold 25 million as of last September.
So who the f cares that VGChartz put it on 24.98 million 3 weeks later?

S2Killinit206d ago

They do undertrack Playstation massively.

Ra3v3r206d ago

I think the disparity sometimes comes from Sony say what they've sold to retail and VG Chartz logs retail store sales. Happy to be proven wrong though.

MrNinosan206d ago

I can't prove you wrong, but I can promise you VGChartz have no idea how many PS5s I've sold in my store.
The only one we report numbers to are Sony.

S2Killinit206d ago

Its more than that I think. Sometimes I think maybe they simply go by the last thing they heard. So it could be months before they update their numbers. But its not that either. They continuously report weekly or monthly numbers, but when you add up their OWN numbers, it doesn't add up to the total they give for PlayStation.

I dont know honestly, just noticed that the under-tracking is real.

darthv72206d ago (Edited 206d ago )

They used to... but are very much closer now to actual than before. If you want to know, just ask TRUNKSWD. He's the one who is always making the appropriate adjustments when needed. He is happy to share his findings and methodology. Just so anyone knows... he's not the originator of the VGC site. but he has been the one to keep things in check now. So i get that people had their issues before and keep thinking its the same now as it was, it's not.

Aloymetal206d ago

And massively over track xbox. Under tracking PS is not a real issue though since we'll get the official numbers from Sony exposing VGCHARTZ BS anyway.

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DOMination-206d ago

Why do you care so much that it could be wrong? There are far more important things in life to be getting stressed over bud

SullysCigar206d ago

You mean like someone else's opinion on a gaming forum?

septemberindecember206d ago

Shipped, not sold. There is always a discrepancy between sold and shipped because shipped includes products that haven't even arrived at retailers and products that haven't put into a retailers system. Those arent sold products yet.

Sony announced shipped. VGChartz tracks sold.

MrNinosan206d ago

The PS5s are sold the second they are shipped.

septemberindecember206d ago


That isn't true. As I said, shipped includes the day they are shipped out to before they are in a retailers system to, of course, the day they are sold. There is a long time between that then. A retailer can't sell what they don't have.

septemberindecember205d ago (Edited 205d ago )

Everyone disagreeing with me straight up doesn't understand sales numbers. So good job admitting you're just illogical fanboys people

SimpleSlave206d ago

Because of the original XBOX the generation after never felt truly "Next Gen" for the first few years. The transition was almost as insignificant as the PS4/XBOXONE to PS5/XBOXSERIESX has been, barely.

After you played graphically impressive games like the Splinter Cell series, Chronicles of Riddick, Doom 3, Halo 2, Burnout Revenge, and Thief 3, you sorta became numb to what came after.

rpvenom206d ago (Edited 206d ago )

Edit - I didn't read this thoroughly. I retract my statement lol

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