AMD Unveils First RDNA 3 GPUs: The Radeon RX 7900 XT & RX 7900 XTX

Launching December 13th, the new Radeon RX 7900 XT and RX 7900 XTX are set to bring astonishing enthusiast-level performance at an $899 starting price.

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ABizzel191d ago

This was EVERYTHING they needed to do. The 4090 is the better GPU in RT, and honestly it looks like the RT of the 7000 series is really only on par with the RTX 2000 series and mainly because it had way more CUs.


Getting RTX 4090 levels of rasterization performance for $600 - $1000 less is the price difference and killer blow they needed to make everyone thing twice about blindly going with NVIDIAs line-up.

I hope AMD gains market share, and NVIDIA is forced to take an L on price, and a loss on their 3000 series for the generations of greed they’re feed consumers.


Fishy Fingers91d ago

Mostly a impressive sounding show, outside of the silly ultrawide/FSR 8K claims (neither being 8K), but surprised they didnt show any direct comparisons. Will be iinteresting to see real world benchmarks.

Number1TailzFan90d ago

No different than the nonsense Nvidia pulled with the 3090 8k claims.

Also, 4k 100+Hz I imagine being the sweet spot for a while, Linus did a 4k/8k comparison and people couldn't tell the difference which was which, even close up to the screen it was little/nothing. Seems like it might be subtle and that's it.

Not to mention 8k would tank performance.

badz14990d ago


what nonsense though? the 4090 has been shown running Genshin Impact at 1330fps high settings. not really nonsense now, isn't it?

badz14990d ago

I meant to say "13k 30fps"

Bobertt90d ago

Part of the issue is that CSGO wasn't really designed for 8k so just raising the resolution won't make a huge difference from 4k. You need higher resolution assets to see a noticeable difference. Usually for 4k mods on older games you have to download a 4k texture pack but they either don't have any for 8k or they didn't use it. Also it still won't be as good as a game with assets already made for 8k instead of mod texture packs.

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CantThinkOfAUsername90d ago

Don't go blindly buying any brand/card right now. Wait till 2023 when actual 'next-gen' games are released and see which one performs better. Recent games struggle to fully utilise 4090 and are poor indication of future games.

XiNatsuDragnel91d ago

AMD does what NVIDA doesn't!!! Support these guys with our money not NVIDA rn. We need teach NVIDA a lesson by not buying their 4090 to make 5090 Amazing.

Vithar90d ago

can it do ray tracing now, last gen was shit

ABizzel190d ago (Edited 90d ago )

RT is better but only ranges from 50% better than RX 6000 Series up to 2x, making it RTX 2000 series performance levels at best. Path teacing performance is still meh (Cyberpunk and the RTX demons NVIDIA released). Cyberpunk MAX is 62fps on AMD 7900 XTX, 87fps on 4090 with DLSS 2.0 (not 3.0)

AMD RT isn't going to be comparable to RTX 4000 until their next NEW architecture. Several GPU designers from Intel and NVIDIA whonworked on RT at those companies now work at AMD, so in 2 years or so they should have dedicated RT cores and their Machine Learning should have been used enough to get FSR 3.0 (2023) on par at least on par with XESS in quality and DLSS 3.0 in features.

RT and features NVIDIA is still the way to go. Price to performance, and not having a 4 slot brick in your PC forcing many to get entirely nee cases and even builds, the AMD RX 7000 is the way to go and save $600 - $1000 in the process.

CantThinkOfAUsername90d ago

Their slides showed Cyberpunk 2077 with Ray Tracing gaining 1.5x. 6900XT was 50% slower than 3090 in this game. So it's on par with 3000 series now.

ABizzel190d ago

Technically you're right, but when I look at things like this I put both products on an even playing field.

The reason why it's even close to the RTX 3000 is a combination of the 50% performance boost, but also having 20% more CUs as well over the previous 6900XT. The raw RT performance AMD is about on par with the RTX 2000 series finally. But again thanks to having more CUs and eventually optimizations it will be somewhere in between RTX 2000 - RTX 3000 by the end of its lifecycle in RT. Not to mention it's getting FSR 3.0 in 2023 which will also add the benefits DLSS 3.0 has brought (added frames and reduced latency).

1nsomniac90d ago

@ABizzel1 you realise there’s about 6-8 cards between the range of “2000 - 3000 series” you’re mentioning, right?

Espangerish90d ago

Way I see it, if you want the best possible ultra performance and have deep pockets get RTX4000. You'll get the wow factor performance.

If you want great performance (without the raytracing), power efficiency and value for money go 7000 series. Gives the added benefit of voting with your wallet on where you stand on 2000 dollar 'consumer' GPUs.

If you want to be sensible with your money pick up a RTX 3000 or 6000 series in the next few months. Huge over stocking of the old gen is going to make prices tank. Some great deals will be out there.

Om4ever90d ago

7000 serie for me ... RT is gimmick and brings nothing.


I was ready to see a 7800XT or a 7700XT as well, was thinking about buying one of them but, AMD did not deliver on that. Again we have to wait until 2023. I assumed since they released all their Zen 4 CPU tiers they would follow with their GPU's. 😠

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