Wolfenstein - New screenshots

Activision published two new Wolfenstein screenshots. Enjoy.

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freeman293673d ago

I think this game is going to be a real disappointing.

Eiffel3673d ago (Edited 3673d ago )

A remake of the first FPS? Failing?

Possibly, but its being developed by Raven Software so its pretty 60/40.

I say it will be a success, just from gameplay it looks addicting

Kleptic3673d ago

Return to Castle Wolfenstein was the single best WWII multiplayer shooter of all time of my all time favorite games...and was also pretty much the very first 'modern' WWII game...

I didn't care for the single player campaign, as the occult stuff was a bit too ridiculous...the class based multiplayer however, still top tier to this day...

I have no idea if this new Wolfenstein game has anything to do with the 2001 RTCW, of which Raven was involved with...but if it is some sort of sequel or remake, i'm definitely interested at least...but Quake Wars was a as a dev they are definitely not perfect...

THC CELL3673d ago

it wont be as good as the old one

i played it first on xbox 1 was great online
the famous beach invasion was the best

beavis4play3673d ago

i liked RtCW, but i'm not liking what i've heard about the story on this one. the look of the game is very similar to ps2/xbox1. hopefully there will be a demo that will prove me wrong.

ChampIDC3673d ago

I have faith in Raven Software. They've released too many good games for me to doubt them.

BabyDuck6663673d ago

1st day buy from me, been playing wolfenstein since 3d first came out.

darkequitus3673d ago

I loved RTCW did not like the supernatural parts though. especially the big guy @ the end

Grassroots3673d ago

I can't wait to kill some Nazi's. Didn't get a chance to play the xbox version, but o how I loved 3d when I was younger.

Keeping my eyes on this one.

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