Cliffy B Interview: Part 2

While the game-development community has thousands of incredibly talented craftspersons, grinding away at their respective products, few are as outspoken as . In fact, you probably know this personality by his abbreviated "single name," CliffyB. Yesterday, TeamXbox brought you the first part of their lengthy interview with one of gaming's most visible developers, so now it's time to complete it.

TeamXbox's Will Tuttle and Andy Eddy caught some rays with him, poolside at the Green Valley Ranch resort in Vegas, where the D.I.C.E. Summit was being held, to ask him about the big award wins the previous night-they might as well have renamed the ceremony "The Gears of Awards." There was a little teasing on the future of Gears of War and some dishing on the upcoming Unreal Tournament 3…and then the conversation took a few wild turns.

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