Underperforming games of 2008 holiday season - PS3, Xbox 360

Gamer Blorge writes:

"This holiday season is said to have been a complete cluster mess by many in the gaming industry. Even famed David Jaffe had some choice words for the studios who released all of their top tier games during the holiday season. I would like to point out a couple of the games that should have done well, but underperformed.

Since there has to be a cut off for underperforming games, I would like to say games that sold under a million per platform underperformed. Also, I will focus on games that were highly anticipated."

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TheMART3797d ago

They forgot all the big PS3 exclusives

Resistance 2
Motorstorm 2

MegaMohsi3797d ago (Edited 3797d ago )

All 3 are over a Million,LBP being a new IP outsold Dead Space, Prince of Persia and Mirrors Edge, all multi-platform games.


They also forgot Too Human, Kingdom Under Fire, Infinite Undiscovery, Last Remnant, Ninja Gaiden, Banjo......Tales of Vesperia.......oh just every 360 game that wasn't Gears or Fable. :) XD

Hot_tea3797d ago

Dead Space = boring
Mirrors Edge = crap
Prince Of Persia = crap

It's when quality titles like Valkyrie Chronicles get outsold by by madden or some dumb wrestling game that I really cringe inside.

ChampIDC3797d ago

I wouldn't go so far to say any of those games are crap. There's just too many other bigger releases than them that are overshadowing them. Personally, I bloody loved Dead Space. Mirror's Edge is a good concept with only decent execution, and Prince of Persia is pretty darn good until it gets repetetive.

And yeah, I wish brilliant games like Valkyria Chronicles would get more love. That and Tales of Vesperia are my favorite games this year in terms of graphics, but that's most likely because I'm a sucker for anime style.

San anto3797d ago

You truly have not played any of those games too busy trolling round dead space is brilliant.

Hot_tea3797d ago (Edited 3797d ago )

I don't have a 360, but was wondering how Infinite Undiscovery was? I know it didn't get high marks or good sales but It looks awesome. I don't care about reviews btw...especially for Japanese games.

@San anto
No, my buddy bought Dead Space on release and although I was blown away byt the graphics on my TV (52" Bravia) the game was very slow paced and much like doom3 for my liking. I would not pay 60 bones for it.
Mirrors edge, I got demo off PSN, total crap, no way I would buy that for 60 bucks.

ChampIDC3797d ago

Sorry bud, I wish I could tell you how good it is, but alas, I haven't played it yet. Too many other releases overhsadowed it for me. I plan on picking it up cheap someday. I thought it looked pretty interesting as well, and I'm not very inclined to believe the reviews at the moment. I think the biggest issue people had with it was the fact that it's very linear, but if it has good story and gameplay, that's a-ok with me.

And also, I'm glad you mentioned Dead Space is like Doom 3. That's one of the reasons I love it so much, haha. I'm a Doom nut. =)

Atomic3797d ago

Dead Space = excellent , survivor horror done right.
Mirrors Edge = interesting aesthetics, average/limited gameplay
Prince Of Persia = noob friendly crap, the game basically plays itself.

Information Minister3797d ago (Edited 3797d ago )

Sorry but I own Dead Space and the game is great!

Not sure about Mirror's Edge and Prince of Persia though. I would definitely put Valkyria Chronicles as #1 in any list of this kind.

MasterChief36243797d ago

Disagree on almost all counts.

Your reference to Valkyria Chronicles, though... I definitely agree on that one.

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Kinetix3797d ago

Deadspace can get boring, however it does pick up and get better. It's not like assassin's creed where it's boring the whole time.

ChampIDC3797d ago

You forget, Assassin's Creed is interesting until you realize you do the same 4 missions the entire game. That time varies based on your intelligence! It's like the shirt that has both on front and back "Want to keep an idiot entertained for hours? Look on the back/front."

Bigrhyno3797d ago

I am liking Mirror's Edge and Prince of Persia (neither are GOTY but I am glad I bought them). I can't comment on Dead Space because I don't really like to play horror games.

ChampIDC3797d ago

Dead Space is a good one for your to avoid then if you don't like the horror genre. It's definitely one of the better horror games I've seen. Too many horror games stray too far toward action against things that might be scary instead of using environments and sounds to scare bodily fluids out of you like Dead Space attempts to do. It really captures into a game what a good horror movie can do.

I'm weird, though. I pretty much hate horror movies (except for a few amazing ones), but I love horror games.

ambientFLIER3797d ago (Edited 3797d ago )

Horror games creep me out :( I couldn't even play fear. Resistance 2 had just the right level of exploring dark corridors with a flashlight.

-GametimeUK-3797d ago

1. LBP - Failed to live up to the hype... Like everything Sony related its broken online at release and still lags... Average platformer (theres plenty better platform games like SMG, R&C this gen)... Very bland gameplay really...

2. R2 - The campaign is not very good... The visuals fail to a certain extent especially the water... Multiplayer has decent stat tracking and coop is fun for 5 minutes... The fact that it isnt as gripping as a FPS that was released a year before (halo3) really lets it down... I guess Halo3 set standards to high for this average fps

3. MotorstormPR - Its a laughable franchise... The first game delivered less than half a game on the disc and you had to DL a lot for replay value... This one seems better BUT the gameplay is horrid and the handling sucks

Theres what I consider to be the 3 fail games this holiday season... Its a very unbias list and very honest

List for GREAT games are as follows

1. Banjo N&B - Refreshing and takes a great approach to the franchise... Beautiful to look at and all round quite amazing... Very refreshing

2. Gears2 - Makes one of the greatest games this gen even greater... We all know it pwns and boasts the best visuals this gen... I dont even see KZ2 topping these stunning graphics

3. Fable2 - Amazing game and theres nothing like it on any other format really... Great art, gameplay and also very refreshing to play amongst all the shooters this gen

so theres 3 fail games this holiday and 3 amazing ones... totally unbias and straight to the point... i hope you appreciate my honesty :-)

PSN: GametimeUK
XBL: Gametime UK

OmarJA3797d ago

Ok we get it you're a 360 fanboy...

but thanks for making me laugh.

ChampIDC3797d ago (Edited 3797d ago )

I can't decide if I should laugh, cry, or eat a small child in spite.

ambientFLIER3797d ago

I'm an Xbox fan, but I have a ps3 and finished R2 last night. The graphics were great, ESPECIALLY the water. Besides bullet entrances making waves instead of little fountains of water, it looks very realistic. Everything that touches it makes waves, and there's refraction.

Unless you means the 2D streams of water coming from the pipes, which are kinda disappointing.

poindat3797d ago

Totally unbiased eh? Right... Look, I don't own a 360 but I don't go around making biased judgements on games I haven't even played. In fact, I would very much love to play the 'top 3' games that you listed there.

You, my friend, should grow up and do the same. It is plainly obvious that you haven't played any of those 'disappointments.'

Atomic3797d ago

Wow , your fanboyism is so transparent it's not even funny.
be more subtle in the future.

Highatus3797d ago (Edited 3797d ago )

Wow thanks for posting nothing that pertains to the Article whatsoever.

I'm happy for you that you only like 360 games, would you like a cookie?

I don't know, seems like you are fishing for something.

I own 4 of the six you listed and they are good games

LBP - R2 - Fable 2 - Geow2

Still trying to find a point to your post. When those titles are selling well and are not underperforming?

San anto3797d ago

Heres what i got from your comment "360 is teh best guyz"

/of reply to noob.

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