Jasper Xbox 360 Pro acquired: the photograph is proof

Engadget writes: "So yeah, finding an Xbox 360 Jasper in Arcade form isn't all that difficult these days, but we certainly haven't seen a glut of Pro models shipping out with the supposedly cooler, smoother and altogether more melancholy Jasper hardware within.

A lucky soul over at PDAToday has acquired one such unit, and while he may just be incredibly fortunate, we'd say it's about time you to-be Pro owners start looking out for a few telltale signs. As you can see in the closeups in the read link, there here FDOU team Pro -- which was ordered from Amazon on December 22nd -- boasts a 12.1 amp rating and the unmistakable Jasper power port. Of note, it did come bundled with a Falcon revision (175-watt) power supply just like Ben Heck's Jasper Arcade, though we suspect Microsoft is just clearing out excess inventory given that the older PSU won't damage the Jasper machines."

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Narutone663578d ago

Still a shoddily made console. To all the xbox fans thinking that it's American made. It is not, it's made in China. It's designed in America. MS cuts corner while quality testing this console so that they will be the first in the market. Too bad, a lot of people were brain-washed by MS. Hope this console gets recalled to save the consumers from a fire hazard.

Eiffel3578d ago

To be honest I would go to the PS3 if it wasn't for the controller, thats my only issue.

I remember still getting hand cramps from the PS1 and PS2 controllers.

Eiffel3578d ago

I got to admit that impressed me. Still wish Sony developed a better controller. I understand the idea of getting use to previous system controllers which is a great idea.

If I obtain this adapter I will purchase me a PS3.

Keele3578d ago


Stop licking Sonys balls.

ambientFLIER3578d ago

I'm with you. The PS3 controller SUCKS. It's far too small for my hands, the analog sticks are convex, instead of concave, which makes your thumbs slip off, and the "triggers" are terrible. They are very slippery and small. My hands cramp up within 30 minutes of using one.

ambientFLIER3578d ago

Haha, I love the disagree. I would LOVE to hear the arguments for the ill-designed analog sticks and triggers.

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Radiodread3578d ago

its too late now...2009 is ps3's.

pp3578d ago

06,07,08, and now 09 will be microsoft's year as always. Get ready for Microsoft to announce earth shattering exclusive's for Xbox360 in 09.

SONYSLAVE3578d ago

Radiodread that's what a lot of fanboys said in 06.

Sexius Maximus3578d ago

a Jasper arcade unit this week (already had a hard drive) and I was surprised how little heat was coming from the back after four hours of playing it. The console I had before that was a launch Zephyr system, so the the new Jasper is a night/day difference. Still wish it could have come out sooner, but really nice nonetheless. It's still not as quiet as my PS3, but I think it now runs a little cooler then my PS3 still has it beat on noise...Sony made a silent machine.

ChampIDC3578d ago (Edited 3578d ago )

Yeah, not trying to sound like a fanboy here, but if MS got the console right the first time, Sony would possibly be in trouble at the moment. I bet the RROD turned a fair amount of people off the system and into a PS3 owner.

Who knows, though. Something might have also been different in the PS3 if the RROD didn't exist.

InMyOpinion3578d ago

Agree. They screwed up bigtime with RROD.

@Sexius Maximus - You probably know this but you can install full games to the HDD now. Makes it run really quiet.

Mr_Bun3578d ago

I personally don't hear a difference between my 360 while playing a game from the HDD or when it is idle...but my PS3 makes less noise either way. The only time I can hear the PS3 is when there is no sound and the game is loading.

mint royale3578d ago

I've been told this is the revision that finally cures it ( at least to within acceptable industry standards - where the ps3 and wii have always been.)

pixelsword3578d ago

I hope I can get one. I got burned twice by microsoft, and now I'm down AGAIN.

That's the main reason why I won't get XBL or go online at all with the 360; I hate that you have to baby it all of the time. Scratches by vibrations are solved by keeping your 36o away from your speakers, and not stomping your foot or cause vibrations when you game, so far, I've been blessed that I never lost a game by a scratched disk or had disc drive problems.

pixelsword3578d ago (Edited 3578d ago )

wrong article.


y0haN3578d ago

Pixelsword, my favourite games get installed so that noise level and scratch chance is minimal. The disc spins once to check it's in and the game starts.

AAACE53578d ago

I got a 360 for my sons for christmas, and luckily it has the Jasper in it! Shockingly, they have been playing for at least 6 hours straight and the console isn't even close to being warm. And it runs a little bit quieter than the older 360's!

I think the Jasper chip might work out better for the 360.

pixelsword3576d ago

...It's not even the point of wanting one so much as needing one.

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boodybandit3578d ago (Edited 3578d ago )

Sexius Maximus answered my questions while I was typing out my post.

Magnus3578d ago

I thaught according to Hip Hop Gamer the Jaspers were to have a higher failure rate. I know he is wrong half the time and if he is wrong about the Jaspers I am buying one.

Eiffel3578d ago

HipHopGamer = Fox News.

Biased, desperate attempts at site hits.

Sorry had to say it, been holding that in for to long.

Mr_Bun3578d ago

How can the Jasper units have a higher failure rate, when they have barely been out?

edhe3578d ago

So when do we find out that HHG is this year's version of 'all i want for christmas is a psp' ?

pixelsword3578d ago

I highly doubt that the Jaspers are giving anyone troubles this early.

Foliage3578d ago

I doubt the Jasper would have a negative effect on the failure rate. It might not improve it, but it definitely can't make it worse.

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