Capcom Is Confident in Success of 360 in Japan

Things are really looking up for Microsoft's product as it is on a high ascending trend in terms of sales and popularity across all territories, even in Sony and Nintendo's native Japan.

Keiji Inafune, the head of the Research and Development department for Capcom said he thought that in 2009 Microsoft would sell quite a lot of consoles in that country. He then went on to stress that, because of the newly-found popularity of the 360 in Japan, local developers would need to start paying attention to this platform.

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Danja3580d ago

If they are working on Lost Planet 2 and Dead Rising 2..expect both games to be Multi-plat ...

Shmapanese3580d ago

both will most likely become multiplatform bro...
and in order to do well in this type of business (gaming industry) you have got to have confidence,so wether 360 is unsuccessfull or not,they have still got to have confidence or else that will do some damage to the company(s) stratedgy(ies).

IMO atm 360 is going un-noticed in the japan territories for a while now and will continue to go down unless they give something in quality worth the purchase for the japanese peeps over there to game with.

japanese people are known for having Quality taste in cetain video games (mainly RPG's)-so knowing that means you have got to produce or feed them tho's quality titles or else its gunna keep goin downhill from there.

for example: Last remnant flopped in japan even though its an RPG.. why? becouse it was not QUALITY material worthy of their time and money... sqeenix just shot out some rather low-end quality RPG;s latley hoping that the japanese 360 market would build up,NO!,not how it works with them fortunately,patience is a virtue wen it comes to growing the japanese market and if devs want to see something grow for the 360 portion thats slowly dying,then they better get with it and take the time to give RPG fans wut RPG fans WANT!.


InMyOpinion3580d ago

Got a source for those claims? I read rumors about those games but no confirmation. I expect Lost Planet 2 and Dead Rising 2 to be timed 360 exclusives.

Sarcasm3580d ago

"I expect Lost Planet 2 and Dead Rising 2 to be timed 360 exclusives. "

No, capcom says they're a multiplatform company and they're one of the only companies that actually stick to what that means.

Why don't you assume SSF2HD is a timed exclusive?
Bionic commando?
Resident Evil 5?
Dark Void?
Street Fighter IV?

So don't get your heart broken if Dead Rising 2 and Lost Planet 2 is multiplatform. You shouldn't even be surprised.

Foxgod3580d ago

He has ground to assume its timed exclusive, because both dead rising 1 and lost planet 1 where out on the 360 years before they went to another console.

Besides that he is also right on SO4 and Ninja Blade.
As long as you dont have sources for claiming that those two will be multi, your claims are just bags of hot air.

The creator of SO4 (Tri Ace) has yet to release or even announce anything for the ps3, so SO4 from what we know now, SO4 remains exclusive, if you consider otherwise, then come with a valid source or ground for it.

And next, Ninja Blade, is the creator of Otogi and has done several console exclusive IP's, so its not unlikely that this one will remain exclusive.

Menchi3579d ago

I think many of you fail to see Sony and Capcoms buddy buddy situation lately

They've been working together heavily on the PSN, and with rumours of Dead Rising becoming a downloadable title on PSN, it's looking EXTREMELY unlikely he 360 will retain -any- Timed Exclusive.

The 360 got all of them before, down to the EXTREMELY low install base of the PS3. That has since changed, with the PS3/360 much closer in that regard, so really, it'd be silly to do so.

TVC153579d ago

so what if they're multiplat

The only ip microsoft shoulda tried to secure so far was bioshock

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Idree3580d ago (Edited 3580d ago )

Lol Capcom has Monster Hunter.

They are saying this and releasing MH3 on the Wii..

I don´t get it O.o

They are saying this and doing the opposite xD

Games like Dead Rising and Lost Planet only appeal to the western Market, while Monster Hunter is bigger than Final Fantasy in Japan..

Danja3580d ago

why release ur biggest Franchise on the lowest selling console ?

it's all about profit and the Wii has the biggest installed base so it makes sense for them I guess...

this is like expecting SE to release FF13 exclusively on the 360 in Japan that will never happen no matter what kinda relationship they now have with M$...

Idree3580d ago

I know that.

I´m just saying that Capcom is either talking BS or the source is misleading...

Since it states that Capcom is saying that the 360 has a bright future in Japan, while they really aren´t doing their best to see to it that it does.

Cause Monster Hunter is their biggest Japanese franchise.

It would be stupid of them to bring it to the 360.
And lose a lot of sales.

But i´m saying they could if they really wanted the 360 to succeed xD

Danja3580d ago

I got what you were saying.,.I wasn't attacking ur all :)

But Capcom has a good relationship with M$ also so I guess they are just playing nice guy by saying stuff like that..

bakasora3580d ago

I remember Capcom said before, its because of the budget that they decided to make MH3 on Wii. Budgets.. budgets....

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RememberThe3573580d ago

"The 360 is doomed in Japan"? I would not count on that.

Capcom has been saying this for a while now and we still haven't seen much of a rise in sales.

Sounds to me like they are playing politics.

ChampIDC3580d ago

Well, we've seen spikes in sales from certain games, but I'm sure it's not as much as Microsoft expected.

DiabloRising3580d ago

Define success? If they mean more successful than the original Xbox, sure. But they aren't going to touch Nintendo or even Sony, at least not this gen.

RPG Guy3580d ago

We'll see next gen, but right now, even with a ton of timed and full exclusive JRPGs in its library (not all good mind you), the 360 has generally failed in Japan.

ChampIDC3580d ago

I thought the 360 might do better after the spike when Tales of Vesperia came out, but the other exclusives really did nothing.

Sarick3579d ago (Edited 3579d ago )

I don't think 360 would have had nearly as much growth in JPN if Tales of Vesperia was multi-platform.

That game looked worth while as a JRPG.

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