CVG: 2009 Is the Year of the Indie Game

It's going to be a surreal and wonderful year if most of the indie projects currently in development come out in 2009.

The PC remains the petri dish for new ideas - even if indie projects are starting to appear on other platforms. While gamers would have loved to see LittleBigPlanet on PC, it's great to see the console world learning things about player creativity that Garry's Mod taught them three years ago. In the long run it's good for everyone.

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ngg123453582d ago

was the year of indie games. With games like World of Goo, and Braid. Really were the two best indie games.

ngg123453582d ago

Thought that would be the huge quality blockbuster for independent games of 09..

Foxgod3582d ago

Would be nice if 2009 is the year of the homebrew.
The Gameparkx2 Wizz will arrive in February, and i got one pre ordered.
Will be fun to play giana sisters returns.

candystop3582d ago

is the year of community games. It's only going to get bigger and bigger.