Survey concludes female gamers get more sex

A survey of 200 women has concluded that those who played video games on average had sex *4.3* times a week while those who didn 't play games only had sex just *3.2* times a week. Where are these female gamers?

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ryanjtravis4897d ago

Hahaha I'd love to hear the stats about men who play video games - I'm guessing those numbers would look a bit different ;)

Captain Tuttle4897d ago

Is that what's called an inverse ratio?

eclipsegryph4897d ago

"Where are those female gamers?"

At least one of them is sleeping in our bed right now.

Arkham4897d ago (Edited 4897d ago )

Considering that the survey doesn't account for the girls' looks, and that they have a huge pool of geeks to draw from, I'm not surprised. ;)

chopsuey2104897d ago

Don't you hate those gf that hate video gaming?

ReconHope4897d ago

The survey might be right but you have to remember how hard it is to find one of these gems/girl gamers.

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