Hope Fades for PS3 as a Comeback Player

The Wall Street Journal: Battle of the Game Consoles, Nintendo Wii and Microsoft Xbox Widen Leads Over Sony's PlayStation. Read the whole article via secondary link.

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Blasphemy3582d ago

If Sony can get a $300 PS3 on the market next year I think they will be fine. PS3 has an awesome 2009 lineup.

Mercutio3582d ago

Sony isn't doing well enough in America. This article is primarly based on US sales ( correct me if I'm wrong).

The playstation isn't doing well in the console market.

Sony is doing well enough in other parts of the world. Plus they're selling more then their competition in relation to price point.

The playstation is doing more then well in the Blu-ray arena.

Danja3582d ago

The 360 has a 500K lead in NA over the PS3...for total sales this year so is the 360 also starting to the one territory it suppose to have a strong hold on..?

the PS3 will be at 20 million by January.....the 360 was only at 15 Million this past January....

so these articles make me laugh..

Washboard3582d ago Show
Danja3582d ago

ur reported as offensive...

there's over 300 million ppl that Live in ur 15 lil friends...really dont count that much... :)

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Socom3582d ago (Edited 3582d ago )

Lets look at the facts, shall we people. Because thats what all fanboys tend to ignore.

Fact: Ensembles studios is closing down
Fact: Bungie left team 360 and are currently doing their last 360 project
Fact: 360 and xbox is 9 billion in red and counting everyday (the point of a business is to MAKE profit. Not make SALES. If your sales are high but profit zero, youre still a nobody).
Fact: 3 year warranty has expired and RROD and disc scratching is STILL an issue
Fact: the last big 360 game, Gears 2, is out and nothing of that caliber is left
Fact: 360 can outsell the PS3 by 3 million units in December (which it wont), and throughout the year, PS3 would still have OUTSOLD it (yes fanboys, CHOKE ON THAT).
Fact: 360 has lowered their margins by price dropping to 200 point. Lower margin and increased borrowed sales from 2009 and 2010 without increasing their target base leads to vapor sales. Sorry, from an investing standpunt, 360 is declining like snow melting before the sun.

Oh yea, PS3 is really in a lot of trouble right now. Oh wait, those facts are with respect to the 360...

EDIT: aaahhhh, and the fanboys rate down despite these being SOLID facts. These are as much fact as the fact that earth is round. Whats the matter silly fanboys? Got B**thurt again?

Rate downs wont CHANGE ANY of these facts. 360 is a money bleeding machine and it wont matter how many units they sell this December as they are leaking money with every sale.

Hahaha fanboys, come on fanboys, rate down some more hahaha. As you rate down, know that another guy just packed up his stuff at Ensembles Studios and leaving for good. Hahaha. As you rate down, know that more and more investors are getting increasingly more dissatisfied with Shane Kims lies. As you rate down know that Bungies last expansion comes to a close every day and thus also the end of 360 alliance.

Hahaha whats the next xbox going to do without their number one flagship shooter Halo. Halo wont ever be the same without Bungie and without Bungie, its the same as Star War 2 and 3 and the star wars animated film = UTTER GARBAGE.

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Kill Crow3582d ago (Edited 3582d ago )

FACT - PS3 is in last place and is selling less and less hardware and software than Xbox360 each week.

FACT - millions of people would rather buy a RROD-Fail-Box with expensive online, no built in wifi, disc scratching, rubbish avatars - than a good quality, free blue ray player and free online, amazing HOME and top quality games PS3 !!!!


cherrypie3582d ago

The price _does_not_matter_. The current positions will remain the same.

These things have happened before. Their are people on this forum saying the **WALL STREET JOURNAL** doesnt know anything about business; that they are part of the Vast Anti-Sony Conspiracy whos memebership apparently includes;

And virtually *all* of the industry press. What is the matter here? The matter is this, and it is stark and clear: That the PS3 is *solidly* in last worldwide, that this year the Xbox 360 has solidfied its place in 2nd, and has increased the gaps in most every metric.

Its clear and stark enough that the WALL STREET JOURNAL is here to tell you this.

Yet, here in "alternate reality land" of N4G, every journalist, analyst and news-outlet "just dont get it" like the small horde of Sony Faithful that dominate this site.

lokin3582d ago

well said, but you must remember you are preaching to a bunch of pll in their own little lala world

LeonSKennedy4Life3582d ago

It's not a conspiracy. It's just journalism.

Whatever garners hits/press and puts money in the hands of the writer will get written. Anything against the PS3 is good press. Microsoft is still the underdog as far as gaming least to the unknowing world.

"I chose my path, you chose the way of the hero. And they found you amusing for a while, the people of this city. But the one thing they love more than a hero is to see a hero fail, fall, die trying. In spite of everything you've done for them, eventually they will hate you. Why bother?" - Green Goblin (Spider-man)

That's just journalism...nothing more, nothing less.

Most reporters would sell their soul to get that one breaking story. Muckraking is acceptable in today's society. Ask Dan Rather.

SixZeroFour3581d ago

i didnt read anything about halo:ODST being the last "360" project...i did however read that it was their last game in the "halo" trilogy

i also thought that microsoft finally started making a profit with the 360's sometime during this year...i swear i read that somewhere, i'll try to find the article

Captain Tuttle3581d ago

No one in this thread will read it. They'll just chalk it up to a conspiracy against Sony. You see, they're all victims.

ChampIDC3581d ago

All I can say is most of you people care way too much about the console war. Enjoy your darn games!

prowiew3581d ago

Wall street journal. Another bias site. These big journalism and game companies need to take a lesson on n4g (the only community that is not bias). yeah right!

I put it this way:
America: 360 doing great. ps3 doing average
japan: Both doing terrible.
europe: ps3 doing fine. 360 doing average.
Conclusion: I enjoy both systems!

ChampIDC3581d ago

And Prowiew is one of the people that can actually win in this generation. Hurrah for enjoying both systems!

Bubble Buddy3581d ago

PS3, 360, Wii are all winning. The gaming industry isn't affected by the recession as others so I think they're winners.

Genesis53581d ago

The more great games I play on my PS3 and the more great games being released for my PS3. The less I could care about these lets pick on the PS3 and Sony articles.

mint royale3581d ago

and a big LOL at his 'SOLID FACTS!!!'. Why are your links? Hmm is it because you just MADE UP a load of crap.

I could post an argument that would just completely own every single one of his points but that would convey that he was actually worth a reply or seconds of my time so I won't bother.

All I will say is this - you call the article out for being fanboyish and then produce the most ridiculous fanboy rant. Hmm. Hypocrite?

How about all 3 consoles are doing well and all have games worth owning? Thats my opinion but im sure you'll have something more to make up about 'teh failbox 360' and find a way to discredit the wii.

GodGinrai3581d ago

Thats the right way to look at it. I remember when the saturn was getting outsold by the ps1 and sega was getting heat from the press. didnt stop me from enjoying the awsome games it had (i still have all my games for it,and i own two jap saturns).

I eventually got a ps1 when gran turismo came out. loved it, and decided two heads are better than one....thats why im a ps360 guy now.There is just no way i could own just one of em. Enjoy your console but remember you dont owe it your loyalty.

Bitter Tears3581d ago (Edited 3581d ago )


I haven't posted in a while but, SHEESH! 37 agrees and this is not even close to the truth. Shows you how much most people know.

"Lets look at the facts, shall we people. Because thats what all fanboys tend to ignore."

Fanboys such as yourself ignore, correct? You really have no place to say so. Neither do I.

"Fact: Ensembles studios is closing down."

OK, keep going. Though if you're going to pull the first party or second party closing card, search up Factor 5 and Free Radical and their respective deaths.

"Fact: Bungie left team 360 and are currently doing their last 360 project"

They decided to be an independent studio, they still have some sort of connection with Microsoft, I'm not sure of all the details. Look it up.


"Fact: 360 and xbox is 9 billion in red and counting everyday (the point of a business is to MAKE profit. Not make SALES. If your sales are high but profit zero, youre still a nobody)."


They were making a profit WAY early in the year, now with massive sales in America, somewhat growing sales in all of Europe, and a small minuscule amount more in Japan, they must still be making a profit DESPITE a price drop. Microsoft doesn't get as affected by profit loss than Sony, Microsoft has billions to fall back on. Sony is doesn't have as much.

Microsoft also profits through it's amazing software sales with the 360.

Where'd you get all this info about sales not = profit? I'll give you some info and facts though.

Fact: Sony is still not breaking even with hardware sales, but are actually relying on software sales to break even and profit.

PS3's still manufacture at a price higher than the actual retail price. Cutting BC helped bring down the manufacturing costs for the previous price drop.

"Fact: 3 year warranty has expired and RROD and disc scratching is STILL an issue"

Yes, RROD and disc scratching is STILL an issue, but with older refurbished models, it's a problem that should NEVER had been there but Microsoft actually put in place a 3 year warranty costing THEM billions, a service for customers. You may argue it was to save themselves from legal issues and I'd say you are correct.

The newer Falcon and Jasper units have a very very low average of failure rate, close to PS3 and Wiis.

"Fact: the last big 360 game, Gears 2, is out and nothing of that caliber is left"

We might not have Gears of War 2 to look forward to but here's what I have hopes for in 2009. This is probably all my purchases and rentals for 2009 IF they do appear.

Halo 3: ODST
Killzone 2
Uncharted 2
God of War 3 - MAYBE
Alan Wake
Splinter Cell: Convictions
Bioshock 2
Mafia II - I liked the first one
Assassin's Creed 2
Gran Turismo 5 - Very unlikely to appear
Whatever Rare is cooking up.
Whatever Lionhead is cooking up.
Whatever Team ICO is cooking up.

And that's pretty much it. I guarantee you that announcements will come at GDC'09 in March and E3'09.

"Fact: 360 can outsell the PS3 by 3 million units in December (which it wont), and throughout the year, PS3 would still have OUTSOLD it (yes fanboys, CHOKE ON THAT)."

NPD 2008 - PS: I tried to clean it up as much as possible but it actually is IMPOSSIBLE to do so, please bare with me here.

.................X360......PS 3......Wii.......
January 2008....230,000..269,000..274, 000.....
February 2008...254,600..280,800..432,0 00.....
March 2008......262,000..257,000..72 1,000.....
April 2008......188,000..187,100..71 4,200.....
May 2008........186,600..208,700.. 675,100.....
June 2008.......219,800..405,500..6 66,700.....
July 2008.......205,000..225,000..5 55,000.....
August 2008.....195,200..185,400..453 ,000.....
September 2008..347,200..232,400..667,00 0.....
October 2008....371,000..190,000..803, 000.....
November 2008...836,000..378,000..2,040 ,000...
December 2008

Total.........3,295,400..2,81 8,900..8,001,000


Yes, I do know that this is only North America, and before anyone mentions that "LOL AMERICA DOESNT = THE WORLD LOL." Yes, I do realize that.

360 has already outsold the PS3 in North America, but in Europe it most likely hasn't the gap between them will be small for 2008, unless of course the price drop really did double sales in Europe, I'll dig out statistics and such in the New Year. Japan isn't a big enough area to really make a huge difference though the PS3 is absolutely destroying the 360 there.

The 360 made a massive comeback due the the price drops, and it also still has a HUGE overall sales gap between itself and the PS3. Selling so little during the most hectic days of the holidays in America is a sign that the price is indeed too high.

But the predicament Sony is in is quite the awkward one, Sony has to drop the price to increase sales, but has no money to drop the price with. Sony needs those sales to profit, but isn't getting the profit they need to even start to think about a price drop, unless of course they cut more features. There's absolutely no way they can drop the price unless they actually do make a gamble with Killzone 2 and drop the price along with it hoping for sales.

Or they can magically drop the price $100 with no repercussions like most of you suggested.

20XX, Year of the PS3 correct?

Everything else is not even worth acknowledging and responding to as it is completely laughable.

jadenkorri3581d ago

my ps3 keeps rebooting within 2 mins almost...i guess it got jealous when my 360 rrod on me and I paid more attention to it after getting a new one... I think the fans broke, i attempted to take apart since it was a launch ps3 and way oow...Im hoping i can fix it, if not i'll debate between buying a new one or paying for repairs...any suggestions anyone

mint royale3581d ago

I commend you for giving it a go but i'm afraid your reasoning will fall on death ears.

As for europe sales, according to gfk the 360 is a million ahead in europe in the major markets so it is doing well there. As is the wii and is the ps3 before I get accused of being a fanboy.

Bitter Tears3581d ago

Actually on second thought, I'm feeling that the 360 WILL outsell the PS3 worldwide for 2008.

I'm willing to bet on it. Anybody want to take me up on this bet?

If I lose the bet, I'll get somebody to ban me completely.
If whoever decides to take the bet, They get banned.

I'm this confident.

Anybody wanna take up my bet?

Dannagar3581d ago (Edited 3581d ago )


It's been recently estimated that Sony is loosing $50 per Playstation 3. You want Sony to drop the PS3 another $100 and loose $150 per system? That would mean for every 1 million units they'd sell, they'd loose $150,000,000. That would probably kill Sony faster than you could shake a stick at.

uie4rhig3581d ago (Edited 3581d ago )

i'll bet with you.. tho my bet will be that the Wii outsells them both ^^, :P

seriously tho.. you may be very right 360 is outselling the PS3 in NA.. but remember that NA is 360's territory.. I think it will be like this for 2008 between PS3 and 360:
Japan: PS3
Europe: Either of them, tho the gap between their sales will be VERY small.. at most 500k i think
NA: 360..

thats wot i think will happen for 2008..

now.. excluding today (since today has only four hours left in the UK at this time) 2 days left for new year 8) PARTY :D

PS: WiiStation360 fanboys (that means EVERYONE yeah, including YOU) HAPPY NEW YEAR.. (ill probs fail to mention it later in these few days ^^,)

Jason Borg3581d ago

PS3 is dead in the U.S. Poor sales + inferior game library + cheap standalone br players + laughable PSN + bad rep given by psychoticly detached fanboys= Flop in U.S.

And that's coming from a PS3 owner.

jadenkorri3581d ago

i get 3 disagrees for my broken ps3, yeah this site is wonder i slowly stop coming here......anyways those who disagreed, get a life...

iHEARTboobs3581d ago

At least i'll be playing KZ2, GOW3, GT5 and Uncharted 2 and you wont. haha

Rhoic3581d ago

I was aware the 360 is doing fine.. in America and Europe. Japan? Eh.. they're doing better than everyone thought they would, which is enough.

MNicholas3581d ago

You kids are too young to remember or too caught up in Dreamcast360 hype to admit it.

Reality: Despite several price-cuts, the 360 is barely outperforming what it did last year. The fact is, the 360 is going to struggle in 2009. The $199 price is supposed to cause an explosion in sales. Yet the more costly Wii is outselling the 360 2:1.

At $399, neither Sony nor any analyst worth his salt would expect the PS3 to sell like hotcakes. Not many people have $399 to spend on something so discretionary. However, if Sony wanted to boost sales, the PS3 still has about $200 of price-cuts it can make at any time.

On the other hand, the 360 has played it's final card and it hasn't paid off the way it was supposed to. Microsoft doesnt really have any way to boost sales beyond what they were this year. In other words, 2009 will be a rough year for Microsoft.

BWS19823581d ago (Edited 3581d ago )

I'm always confused when I read crap like this, this is a generalized "economic analyst" writing an article, and he knows very little about the games industry, his lack of any substantial knowledge is plastered all over the article, which I just read all the way through (sadly)...The author is clueless on technology, it's blatantly apparent, and frankly, obnoxious, because it was difficult to read without shaking my head and rolling my eyes. The author didn't portray any of the consoles in an accurate light when he tried to compare features to price in any sort of manner, and he spoke of Gears of War and Halo as if he'd just heard of them from his assistant 5 minutes ago.

The author's argument is hinging on the last 2 months of data, not the last 3 years, he can't step back and look at the big picture apparently....Divide MS's sales by 3 (three years out), then divide Sony's sales by 2 (two years)....guess what, Sony's number is a higher result (more consoles sold per day average since console release). For what Sony offers, for the price of the console, and for the amount of time they've been out, it's far from a failure. No fantards, this isn't "denial", it's a mathematical conclusion. I added up all the components I wanted for a console, and 360 would have cost me about $80 more (that's not even counting the next year of Live subscription or a Blu Ray Player). That's right, PS3 was my cheaper choice, AND I didn't have to worry about "playing too much" and f****** up my console or scratching discs. I fail to see any point made by the fanboys or this article, except a spinning of opinions and a touch of data to appear as if they are damning evidence, portrayed to paint the PS3 as a flop. This article fails to grasp the gaming or technology fields in much of a degree, and as a result, runs in circles with slanted logic and questionable assumptions. Sony's console is the most expensive. We are in a global recession, if an "expert" in financial matters cannot comprehend the end result of those 2 factors, he's a moron and deserves a blog, not a column in the Wall Street. Move on people, nothing to see here....

AAACE53581d ago

I don't care about all this! I am still buying a Ps3!

BWS19823581d ago (Edited 3581d ago )

Nothing of merit was presented in the article. The guy presented some slanted, overly minute, meaningless numbers, and put on a charade that he knows something about the game industry.

cmrbe3581d ago

until the console war is more than 5 years old before calling anything?.

All current gen console installbase wii included is still only half the installbase of the ps2.

WSJ will have egg on their face like Time Mag last time with the PS2. These people will never learn.

Another article file to under PS3 is Dead folder. Man is going to be so funny in 6 years time.

power of Green 3581d ago

Too late, popular opinion favors the 360 and the Wii, the knowlege of PS3 being inferior is too great for Sony to overcome.

Its too late the defacto platform will be the 360 by the time Sony drops PS3's price. The 360 will have massive Developer support.

BWS19823581d ago

"popular opinion" does not constitute the voices in your head and your Live friends, pull your head from the sand.

Saint Sony3581d ago

There has never been hope for PS3. Sony just totally failed with it.

It rocks and all, but damn stupid marketing and pricing. So no wonder it fails miserably... also hard to develop does not really help now when devs need all the money they can get and fast. 360 is so much more easier to develop to.

Trust me, no devs will use 3 years+ for making PS3 exclusives from now on. They get more money out of 360 and faster too. Poor PS3.

power of Green 3581d ago

Just an opinion based from facts. Speaking of heads don't worry about mine it seems you need to worry about getting yours checked lol. Calm down. Its not hard to comprehend what is taking place.

BWS19823580d ago

then. What IS taking place? You said it yourself, opinions based on facts. Once opinions are brought in, you can't argue that your opinion is superior. Trolling around in threads that have nothing to do with your console or interest is the easiest thing to comprehend. For someone who worships their console as if it was the second coming, you spend a great deal of time away from it talking about other consoles. Why is that?

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midgetsanx3582d ago

is going away after this far in..Its going to be a long run for every console out there...

Raoh3582d ago

so basically before the price cut the ps3 was cruising, not crushing the competition but cruising

look at this way.. one is half the price, one is twice the price.. and the only difference is about 500k

Console Year 2008 sales (as of November)
Wii 8,001,000
Xbox 360 3,295,400
PlayStation 3 2,818,900
PlayStation 2 2,092,300

Nintendo DS 6.91 million
PlayStation Portable 2.81 million

Saigon3581d ago

but that is just in NA matter of fact just the US, I know NPD includes a guesstimate of what Canada and Mexico does but its not the official numbers (just a speculated numbers from the countries).

That number changes if you add in the sales from Media Create (Japan) Sony Takes the lead.

From a report we heard that the 360 has a 1 million lead on the PS3 in EU but whaat about the rest of the pal Regions.

My only broblem with this article is that you can't say the PS3 hopes are fading when a price drop on the competitive system just occured (a system thats been on the market for 3 years compared to 2 from Sony). If both systems were the same price, we all know what the outcome will be. Sonyy also knows this. Expect them to drop the PS3 price in the Q2 of fiscal year 2009 (a year after MS droped the 360 price). Also don't say doom and gloom for Sony, They have 3 consoles on the market right now that that sold good amounts for the year. So who is truly making a profit.

n4gzz3582d ago

lol, one of those immature article again.

cherrypie3582d ago

Yeah, one of those "immature, lol" articles from the FRACKING WALL STREET JOURNAL.

I'm the one lol'ing here.

LeonSKennedy4Life3582d ago

The Wall Street Journal hasn't been a trustworthy news source for years, mate. Where have you been?

NickIni3581d ago

This is about the US. Not the world. America. Granted, many Americans think that the world ends at their shores.

San anto3581d ago

did you also know 25% of American's are legitimately illiterate.

evrfighter3581d ago (Edited 3581d ago )

lol wall street journal....not credible? That brightened my day a little. And M$ owns the media amirite?

edit: if THE Wall Street Journal. Is writing pieces like this about your company then your company is doin it wrong. There are no fanboys on wall street. Only people following the money.

If these people that make a living following the money are suddenly saying ps3 is about to tank. It's best to listen and not pretend to be some sort of armchair financial analyst.

ChampIDC3581d ago (Edited 3581d ago )

MS owns my breakfast too. They won't let me eat it now =(

Parappa The Rappa3581d ago

AMERICA. It rocks. Dont like it? Leave!

hfaze3581d ago (Edited 3581d ago )

"edit: if THE Wall Street Journal. Is writing pieces like this about your company then your company is doin it wrong. There are no fanboys on wall street. Only people following the money.

If these people that make a living following the money are suddenly saying ps3 is about to tank. It's best to listen and not pretend to be some sort of armchair financial analyst."

Nope, no fanboys on Wall Street... Just "financial gurus" that got us into this WORLD-WIDE economic mess that we're currently in... So, yeah... They REALLY know what they're talking about/doing... :-P

Wasn't "following the money" the reason for all the sub-prime mortgages out there (since the Chinese were buying up mortgage backed securities at a feverish rate?).

Oner3581d ago

hfaze don't expect a reply back on that. Actual common sense and facts don't mean anything to those with selective reasoning.

Nemo883581d ago

"Nope, no fanboys on Wall Street... Just "financial gurus" that got us into this WORLD-WIDE economic mess that we're currently in... So, yeah... They REALLY know what they're talking about/doing.."

Lol, score!

it does seem a bit of a FUD article to be fair even if its from the WSJ. One bad christmas after the article itself admitts ps3 was catching up until the 360 drop and its gloom and doom for ps3? Silly if you ask me. If they clarify that they mean ps3 has little chance of catching up before MS drops the 720 or whatever then fair enough. But Ps3 isnt out of it yet.

Also, despite the stature of the source, the writer sems to be ommitting the very high anticipation lots of people have for the Big games dropping in 2009, yours Killzones etc., which combined with a price drop could see things turn right around again.

I dont really get why these business journals are wading in with their opinions on gaming, when they show they dont really know that much about it, like TIME, and actually brings into question the validity of alot of what they say as they obviously dont have THAT high standards.

kwyjibo3581d ago

"The Wall Street Journal hasn't been a trustworthy news source for years, mate. Where have you been?"

No, you have absolutely nothing to back up your statement.

The Wall Street Journal is the most widely read, and respected financial paper since time began. What are you going to slag off next, The Economist? The FT? Perhaps you should stick to IGN, 8/10.

evrfighter is right, there are no fanboys on Wall Street - it's about the bottom line.

Jason Borg3581d ago

George W. Bush & D*ck Cheney are the main reasons the U.S. is in a depression, not a bunch of stock brokers you detached psycho. Go ask Haliburton, Blackwater, Amoco, Enron, or (insert Bush cronie here).

Sony fanboys stink up this website. After reading the comments in here. Seriously, you idiots are detached on a psychotic level.

Nineball21123581d ago

I'm sorry and I know this will fall on deaf ears, but you are out of your ever lovin' mind if you think President Bush and D!ck Cheney are the cause of this financial meltdown.

Freakin' become educated about a topic before you spout off.

This current economic meltdown is mainly due to the financial insolvency of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac.

Why are they insolvent? Because they were "forced" to lend money to people who didn't have the ability to pay back their loans. They packaged most of these crap loans as "investment instruments" and sold them to other financial institutions/investors. When it became apparent that these loans were no good, the markets seized up, liquidity became a problem, and the market tanked.

Who has oversight of the financial markets? Oversight committees in Congress... who is in charge of both houses of Congress? The Democrats. (That's not to say that Republicans don't deserve some of the blame)

And I don't need to take up for ANY fanboys, but the only one stinking up this website at the moment is you and your asinine, utterly unintelligent comments.

Parappa The Rappa3581d ago

...that fannie mae & freddie mac(WHICH IS WHAT IM TOTALLY NAMING MY CHILDREN BTW) are the BIGGEST cause of this economic BS, I agree that the Bush Administration is not completely at fault here. While they did not MANAGE the problem properly and swiftly---they are still not the CAUSE.

gaming can be cheap. you can buy used games on ebay and craigslist. hell you can even buy your consoles there too. who cares if its shiny and new, you'll just spill soda on it later :) and the games will still play the same either way. Im just saying, theres a lot of kids out there that like to b*tch about prices. too spoiled to walk down a clearance isle---but like to complain b/c they still cant afford NEW sh*t.

Jason Borg3581d ago Show
kwyjibo3581d ago

Way to absolve the Republicans for most of the blame.

Democrats have only had control of congress since the end of 2006. The sub-prime meltdown, which is the seed of the current recession happening right now hit in 2007.

Which party has historically (and still is) been in favor of unregulated markets? Regulation of the financial markets falls down to the SEC, and the executive branch, and they've been asleep at the wheel.

soxfan20053581d ago

You are right when you say that America is not the world, but America is the biggest market. Japan, where PS3 is doing best, accounts for about 10% of the sales that the US does, while all European countries combined barely account for as many sales as the US alone. Winning the US is a HUGE victory. Remember, the PC Engine (Turbografx in the US), Sega Saturn, and Sega Master System all succeeded in either Japan or Europe, but because they flopped in the US, they are generally considered failures.

Sarick3581d ago (Edited 3581d ago )

If you hear or say something enough at one point you'll probably start believing in it. That's why negative articles can influence the negative market position that's being portrayed.

BIGBAER3581d ago

You are worse than ignorant. The current financial meltdown was fated during the abysmal reign of the worst U.S. president in modern history: Jimmy Carter. Fannie Mae & Freedie Mac began their dark, socialist road to disaster under Carter's disastrous tenure.

The second worst president in modern history, Bill "it depends on what the meaning of is, is" Clinton guaranteed Fannie Mae & Freddie Mac's impending doom by passing additional legislation forcing the mortgage insurers to back even worse home loans than under Carter.

Clinton wanted to wear the mantle of the president home orchestrated the greatest growth in home ownership of any president. It didn't hurt that he had close friends who stood to benefit financially from slinging garbage mortgages against the sticky Fannie Mae/Freddie Mac wall either.

As for the cureent president, George Bush: numerous times during his term President Bush has addressed Congress directly, calling for greated OVERSIGHT of the home mortgage institutions. As a republican with a belief in free market economics, this was a major red flag for anyone with even an inkling of common sense.

The republican controlled senate and house also attempted to initiate oversight and regulatory reforms on Fannie Mae & Freddie Mac but AS ANYONE WHO ACTUALLY KNOWS ANYTHING ABOUT THE SO-CALLED REPUBLICAN-CONTROLLED YEARS OF CONGRESS, knows that the republicans NEVER HAD A VOTING MAJORITY! The fabled 60% majority never saw a republican light of day. Additionally, a significant number of Congressional republicans were in fact RINOS (republican in name only), former democrats who switched party in order to run against party-selected democrats.

Every instance of republican effort to tighten regulations and institute stronger oversight and reforms of Fannie Mae & Freddie Mac was killed by congressional democrats. Why do you think that Chris Dodd, Barry Obama and John Kerry received more campaign contributions from Fannie Mae & Freddie Mac than most of the other recipients combined!

Barack Obama recieved more in his four short years as a player than anyone else! Of course that might be in part repayment for "redlining" & Washington Mutual Savings & Loan's caving to "community organizers" when Obama was enacting all he learned from Saul Alinsky.

No, it IS the democrats who shoulder the majority of the blame for this financial mess just as it is the Unions (democrats) who are to blame for the BIG THREE automakers decline. Ford has to charge an additional $2000 per vehicle just to cover union health care benefits alone---not to mention wages averaging 50% higher than workers earning in American Honda & Toyota manufacturing plants.

Now---as far as the Wall Street Journal's street cred: it is the pinnacle of the financial-focused media giants. If the Wall Street Journal has an article stating that Sony's PS3 is losing ground against its competitors, it is gospel that this will be the main topic of discussion in gaming industry boardrooms around the globoe.

The Wall Street Journal highlighting the PS3's failure to advance against its competitors and in fact, lose ground, could be a self-fulfilling prophesy. Does anyone really believe an article such as this will inspire game developers to devote more time and effort to the PS3? Anyone? Seriously? The answer is a resounding, unequivocal NO!

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GiantEnemyLobster3582d ago (Edited 3582d ago )

Don't worry Sony won't be in 3rd place forever... next Gen when Sega jumps back in, it'll be PS4th place.

(Assuming Sony computer entertainment can actually survive past the catastrophe that is the PS3)

PotNoodle3582d ago

You were never around for the PS1 and PS2 era? I mean come on, you know sony are capable of pulling off great things, there will be few gamers that would disagree.

Some of you may think they have messed up with the PS3 and i think many PS3 owners will agree they did mess it up, it could of been so much more from the get-go. It should be more than what it is now in the online portion, it should be doing better than it is.

The online side of things, in my opinion is the only side that is lacking. Yes the online problems are far blown out of proportion and we get some great PSN content, but the overall integration of it and the features seem stuck on compared to live's seemless service.

The games are great now, they are what make the PS3 for me, it is why i prefer to use my PS3 more because the games suit __ME__ more.

Sony took a risk bringing on a whole new architecture with the cell, spending all that money on R&D and putting blu-ray in the console, but i think they took the wrong time to take this risk with the competition being so strong, if they took the same risk last generation it would of worked out so much better for them.

These risks though will of all payed off by the next generation, because of the cell's expandable architecture it can be upgraded easy and the developers will be used to it by then so developing for the PS4 won't ne that much different than the PS3.

Now please, stop acting as if sony is totally hopeless and always has been, because you know they are not. I, as a PS3, should i say "Fanboy" agree with the fact sony are not trying hard enough and still don't really know what they want to do with the PS3.

I'm trying to be as neutral as possible with what i just said, i admitted i prefer my PS3 over my 360 but i won't say the
360 is a bad console, it is a very good console, great value for price and live is amazing, microsoft did a great job with that and still are, just i find more exclusive games on the PS3 that interest ME personally more.

XBL: Death roW247
PSN: DeathroW22

PotNoodle3582d ago

How silly of me, trying to reason with one of you clowns.

fufotrufo3582d ago

@ Deathrow

" You were never around for the PS1 and PS2 era? I mean come on, you know sony are capable of pulling off great things, there will be few gamers that would disagree. "

I'm not here to disagree with anything in your post... only this quote

I was around the ps1 and ps2 ... and they never had tough competition, never lunched a year after competitors like they are doing with a blue ray drive that requires an expensive HDTV during Americas recession ....sorry but those years were a 1 console war... now you have 2 other consoles that won't let that happen again.

GiantEnemyLobster3582d ago

The silly part was the fact you posted all that here in the Open Zone.

PotNoodle3582d ago

But the playstation 2 was a great platform, regardless of sales. That is what i'm talking about, the first and second party games, the third party support, the advertisement etc.

I'm not talking about competition or sales, just the platform itself and how sony handled it.

likedamaster3581d ago

After 2 successful generations, Sony needs to lay low this time around. It's Nintendo/Microsoft's time to shine.

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