Josef Fares revisits It Takes Two: ‘I still think to myself, this is a f***ing good game’

From VGC: "Josef Fares does nothing quietly. The Swedish-Lebanese director is one of modern gaming’s most entertaining personalities.

There’s a reason that when you search for Fares online, his catalog of games is closely followed by “Game Awards 2021,” the stage for his instantly-iconic invective against the Academy Awards. But the game designer is so much more than “fuck the Oscars,” and has been for some time.

We got the chance to speak to Josef as part of a whirlwind of media appearances to promote the new Switch version of the game (out November 4), an impressive port handled mainly by Turn Me Up Games, with Fares self-effacingly admitting that he’s “not been involved in the technical details” of the Nintendo version."

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Orchard143d ago

Love his games, had great fun with all of them - the guy is singlehandedly keeping couch coop alive.

Eidolon142d ago

They nailed it with both games, but It Takes Two was a phenomenal co-op experience, so refreshing, fun, and emotionally engaging... that book did get on our nerves a bit.

49d ago
isarai143d ago

As you should, cause it is. One of the only games in recent memory that actually sticks to the old pillar of game development of consistently mixing things up throughout the experience to keep it fresh and interesting.

49d ago
Abracadabra142d ago

This guy is certainly full of himself.

49d ago
Venoxn4g142d ago

One of the best coop games ever

49d ago