G4 Kevin Periera gets dissed by HipHopGamer, with a sick freestyle


"Freestyle Rap Dissing G4's Kevin Periera
Will He Respond? I doubt it"

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silverchode3675d ago

"get dissed" or gets dissed or got dissed?

Bnet3433674d ago

Bottom line is, one is a tool and the other is an attention whore. In my book, they're both douchebags.

PrimordialSoupBase3674d ago

Agreed, they are both an embarrassment to gaming.

Bnet3433674d ago

Wow, Kevin is a giant turd. After watching that video I am disgusted, how can you make fun of someones dead mom? damn dude, he needs to apologize publicly.

InMyOpinion3674d ago

G4's Kevin Perreira gets attention wh0red by mentally challenged gamer.

BulletToothtony3674d ago

and claim i just dissed someone.. this isn't highschool anymore dude..

I should take this post and submit it on n4g and call it..

BulletToothTony disses hippopgamer.. OOOOOOOOHHHH!!!!

freaking lame

JsonHenry3674d ago

Lol, that hiphop-whatever guy is the biggest facking gaming douche ever. Not that I have a hard on for Kevin, but I would love to see someone shut up that wannabe-hard (ridiculous) hiphop-show-off idiot.

Can you tell I don't like the guy?

yaboi3674d ago

noone cares about ur little rap battles. Call up weezy and then u might get a couple of hits!!!!

babananaman3674d ago (Edited 3674d ago )

..."that hiphop-whatever guy is the biggest facking gaming douche ever"

why is he the biggest [email protected] gaming douche ever? i dont get all the hate toward HHG.

he's simply doing what countless other video game bloggers do.

..."I would love to see someone shut up that wannabe-hard (ridiculous) hiphop-show-off idiot".


well if u cant stand him why do u keep clicking his stories and complaining?

theres a ton of BS articles that get approved on n4g from bloggers and even reputable site but yet u guys seem to harbor a special hatred towards HHg more than others and that to me is suspect.

cLiCK_sLiCK93674d ago (Edited 3674d ago )

"that hiphop-whatever guy is the biggest facking gaming douche ever"

Please back up that statement. Other than that, please do us a favor and shut up. Hiphopgamer aint biased like you.
I recommend you guys to listen to the Warzone. They always bring up some good gaming topics. Maybe then, you might have a different OPINION on Hiphopgamer.


Lol, Lil Wayne? He cant Rap. All he does is MUMBLE his way through out the whole song. If it wasnt for his good beats, he would suck.

EDIT: @yaboi
Are you kidding me? You seriously dont know a better Rapper than Lil Wayne?
I cant stand 'A mille'. That song gets so repetitive. Like i said he Mumbles in almost every song.

Im not saying i dont like Lil Wayne. He is just overhyped. I just dont fall for that 'Im The Best Rapper Alive' Sh!t.

yaboi3674d ago

name someone better than him then! All he does is mumble?? Listen to 3 peat. Im me. A milli. his tone is defferent in every line. He gives out positve energy is his songs so f*ck off

Delive3674d ago

If you wish someone would shut him up, He's got all his contact info on his site. Hit him up, or drop him a line, maybe he'll give you a chance to try.

It's a shame that people close their minds to something that is different and shoot it down. I feel ya HHG, do what you do baby. It's good to see a different take on this whole gaming scene where you have to fit the mold to get in. Good to see some one who is not a nerdy grown up doing something.

JsonHenry3674d ago


Sorry, I don't do "rap" battles so I will not be wasting my time contacting him. I typically don't disagree with they guy. I just can't stand watching a grown man act like he does with his "flow".. it is just plain silly.

iiraymoii3673d ago (Edited 3673d ago )

Lil Wayne aint shyt. Mumblin ass dont make any sense when he raps, just puts shyt together to rhyme. For instance in "A Millie" he says "Im a vanerial disease, like a menstrual bleed" Uhh..last time I checked its not a disease, its a natural cycle.

His beats are nice, like in "A millie" I love that beat but, I cant stand his crooked ass. Also with him adopting that Auto-tune effect and trying to sing..haha..yea buddy he is just golden aint he lol.

Another example of mainstream people not knowing talent only, money, hoes, cars, and beats. Words do not hold a meaning with you.

If you have such a problem with some one, call him up and TELL him what a waste of space he is. You are scared and want some one else to do it. You are the guy that will challenge any man to a fight as long as your friends are there to hold you back. You are a coward.

iiraymoii3673d ago

Sorry Delive, I meant @JsonHenry or w/e his name is. My mistake bro.

The coward comment was meant for JsonHenry.

Delive3673d ago

I understand you as far as your feelings about him rapping at Kevin. But understand, That's what he does, He raps and has an unbiased opinion on games. But regardless, Kevin is on his high horse, no matter how HHG called him out, he's not going to respond. Atleast not in public. Jocking with his friends behind closed doors, he will mock him, but I expect no more. HHG has a different approach to gaming and it's a matter of taste. I wish people would take it like a beer. If you like Miller, how often do you go to a Bud brewery and talk about how much you don't like their beer. Never, you look right past it. People who don't like HHG should move on and choose their favorite sourse instead. Quit downing Bud, drink your Miller and enjoy life.

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tatotiburon3675d ago (Edited 3675d ago )

the question is...Could G4's Kevin Periera give a crap about HHPG?...don't take it personal dude, but we are talking bout a host of a big videogame network and you are a very good blogger with a camera and music talent.

N4PS3G3675d ago

ehh .. ..didn't took him so long before saying he would love to have a show on a network like G4TV

crck3674d ago

They should ban all the posts from this hiphop gamer clown. Always posting pics of himself posing on n4g. Its just pathetic. Sometimes it feels like I'm visiting a homosexual singles website not a gaming news website. Nothing against homosexuals but I come to for gaming news not to see some fool flexing.

MaximusPaynicus3674d ago

Dude, how can he be a good blogger when he doesn't even write the majority of the crap on his site?

Blasphemy3675d ago

This guy is just looking for attention. LOL

babananaman3674d ago

isn't that then name of the game? i mean how do u get people to come to ur sites if u got nothing interesting or controversial to say?

rbluetank3675d ago

Can't believe she died on Christmas day! R.I.P. Earth Kit. My wife auntie die on christmas day as well. family comes first during the holidays. decent minded people should take note and respect how good they have it because others are not sharing holidays or family gatherings with their love ones. i am glad you called him out!!!

side note

when Tupac was shot in the chest while riding with suga night. KM--??? hosts first reported how tupac lung was removed. then KM--??? radio station host in the bay area were making funny of him having one lung and rapping. they were having a "good time of it!!! later on the same day Tupac died. the KM--??? radio host started saying that they were sorry that same day. they were stained. i will bet that kevin p will say he is sorry;but he is stained.

nirun3674d ago


you lost all credibility