Blu-ray, Cut Prices Or You're Toast

Paul Sweeting at ContentAgenda argues that Blu-ray needs to stop pretending it's a revolutionary new format like DVD and start acting like what it is...a minor quality improvement that consumers won't pay any more for.

The first order of Blu-ray business for 2009 is an adjustment in strategic planning around the format, by both hardware makers and the studios, some of which will happen naturally but some of which will be forced on the industry.

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Danja3582d ago

The Dark Knight sales say otherwise...

Capt CHAOS3582d ago

How many DVDs of Dark Knight sold compared to Blu-ray?

Danja3582d ago (Edited 3582d ago )

dude what kinda stupid question is that ?

how long has DVD been on the market ? 11 years now

How Long has Bl u Ray been on the market ? 2 years

yet the Dark Knight has managed to sell over 2 million worldwide in less than 2 weeks.

Bl u Ray adoption rate is faster than it was for now has 16% Market share...thats pretty impressive

Sarcasm3582d ago

Notice how the dust settles, and the "Blu-Ray is dead" articles pop up.

Blu-Ray could own 60% of the market but there will still be idiot "journalists" writing these stupid articles.

thereapersson3582d ago

You can bet if HD-DVD had won, we wouldn't be seeing these articles. There were a lot of people in the media who wanted Blu-Ray to fail, and they are still stuck in their ways as if it's going to become a reality if they wish hard enough.

Bubble Buddy3582d ago

Where's Breakfast :P. Everyone hates Blu-ray and Sony these days eh? I think they're doing fine.

Socom3582d ago

Here is a realitycheck, faaaaannnnbooooyyyyyysssss.

2nd year Blu Ray sales > 2nd year DVD sales


Agent VX3582d ago

Why is it that Bluray has a couple of success stories, that all of a sudden, bluray is now the leading home consumer movie playback device (HCMPD)?

Sorry sport, just cause Batman sold well on Bluray, doesn't mean that it is doing well. It bolds well that Batman, easily one of the biggest movies this year sells well on any format it comes out on!

Until the overpriced Bluray players and media is comparable to DVD, Bluray will never get much further than a niche market player. So toot your horn all you want about Batman, 95% of all the other movies sold in Bluray format don't sell very good.

Hopefully the Bluray federation and studios drop prices very soon, cause I do for the most part easily prefer this format to DVD, except price. If they don't drop prices soon, this format will unfortunately never get big.

candystop3582d ago (Edited 3582d ago )

They didn't have to compare the two because HD-dvd also played dvd smartazz.

Edit Danja:"dude what kinda stupid question is that ?"
Answer his freaking question unless your afraid of seeing how small of an impact Batman bluray really was compared to dvd lol.

Edit Sarcasm: How are they idiot's when they speak the truth about this over rated product. Cut the freaking price already and quit trying to sell people since you've apparently won the format war. Honestly with your logic you don't have room to call anyone an idiot.

Edit Theresa person: "You can bet if HD-DVD had won, we wouldn't be seeing these articles."
Your correct because hd dvd would be reasonably priced and not force fed to people. Also Sony faithful would of found a way to complain about it and spread fud as usual. Don't you people ever think that maybe the consumers are correct and bluray was the wrong move forward. It's like Bush all over again.

Socom3582d ago

The first clue was when you actually bought a console that can break on you with a 60% chance

The second clue was when you thought Blu Ray players cant play DVDs...


lokiroo4203582d ago

Funny bluray is dead but I did not see many players sitting around on store shelves this christmas, in fact 2 walmarts a best buy, an hh gregg and a target were all completely sold out, upscalers however were falling off the shelves they were so over stocked, thats reality.

Danja3582d ago

so ur gonna compare a 11 year old format to a 2 year old format sales wise..?

so If so why is it that the PS2 is still selling more Software in Japan even though the 360 is obviously selling more Hardware and is a newer systems ?

do you see how stupid his comment is

Jason Borg3582d ago Show
Dark General3582d ago

I think what the real problem that lies in Blu-Ray isn't what people think it is. It's actually manufacturing prices and the cost to use the disk by studio's. Since it's costing them more to make the disks they have to charge US more to spend on them. They can't just magically "poof" drop the price of how much they charge for the disks. If Sony and the rest of the people that makes the decisions for Blu-Ray royalty fees can lower the price of entrance fee's for all studio's small and large we'd see lower prices.

When that happens we'd see more movies/shows on Blu-Ray but we'd get lower prices.

VampHuntD3582d ago

You do realize that DVD did the same thing right? It was the format that "nobody needed". It had mroe space, was easier to play and more protected against damage like Blu-ray is to DVD and the response was the same "fprced" format.

Newsflash folks, it's not forced yet. Maybe you forgot when DVD really killed VHS and major movies went DVD only. Or how players stopped being sold in stores. When that happens, it's forced. And eventually, it will be forced.

VHS had 100% of the market before DVD rolled in and now DVDs time is done. It's no different. You can either adapt or be left behind because eventually, all the movies and such will be on Blu-ray or nothing unless there's yet another format out there by that point (Which is where people think digital distribution will set in, personally, I'm not paying for data without a physical product myself, especially when teh cost while different, isn't that great).

Jason Borg3582d ago

Dvd was a tangible jump in quality over VHS, blu-ray isn't. Even without that nullifing your pretensious argument. They are two entirely different things at entirely different points in time.

iHEARTboobs3582d ago

That $hit blew me away. No one needs blu-ray but I certainly welcome it.

Helghast3582d ago (Edited 3582d ago )

"A minor quality improvement"

That's funny! I just watched Tropic Thunder on Blu-Ray last night and it looked amazing! I watched it with my friend who had never seen a Blu-Ray movie. He insisted that there was no way Blu-Ray could look much, if any, better than upscaled DVD. The first jungle scene of the movie he literally yelled out "I'm a dumbass! This is f*cking amazing!" The sound was fantastic as well! After we watched the movie, we watched the Blu-Ray exclusive "BD Live" features for about an hour. The menus on Blu-Ray are easier and more intuitive to use than DVD too. So...


OUTSTANDING surround sound

Easier and more intuitive menus

Blu-Ray exclusive extra content

But I guess those all fall under the category of "Minor improvement" *Rolls Eyes*

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Gue13582d ago (Edited 3582d ago )


CrippleH3582d ago

The author is an idiot.

DVD didn't magically took over VHS in a year or 2.

solidjun53582d ago

I think these guys are just random individuals creating a website and writing garbage. It's sometimes funny to read.

CrippleH3582d ago

Looking for hits websites.

Capt CHAOS3582d ago

Moving from VHS to DVD was a must, no more chewed up tapes, no more broken tapes, or creased tapes. No tracking issues.

Danja3582d ago

So far Blu Ray has been a movie studios dream come true , it hasn't been cracked yet...thanks to firmware updates..

ohh and they're scratch resistance...:)

DVD's will always be around but it's losing market dominance slowly , once more ppl upgrade to HDTV's...Blu Ray players will be a must....if they wanna actually watch movies in HD.....once you've watched a movie in 1080p there's no going back. :)

San anto3582d ago

*insert generic blu ray is failing title for teh internets hitzz*

dragunrising3582d ago

Sorry to ruin your parade but DVD is able to upconvert to 1080p. The point of the article is not that blu-ray is a doomed but the benefit over DVD is not as extreme as DVD vs VHS. Before you say I'm a bleepin fanboy, I have a PS3 and just purchased a 1080p 40 inch Samsung. The difference is amazing to me however many non-technophiles won't be as impressed.

Socom3582d ago

DVD may do on a regular SDTV but once people go HDTV there is no going back to DVD. DVD quality is simply 1980s on a HDTV.

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Aclay3582d ago (Edited 3582d ago )

If Blu-ray prices was something that would cause it's demise in the future, I think it would have already happened or would be near to happening because lately Blu-ray sales have been skyrocketing.

Blu-ray prices will drop as time goes on, and you can always buy Blu-ray's heavily discounted Online from places like, so the excuse for Blu-ray DVD prices is getting old to me.

Blu-ray has made faster progress than DVD made in the same time frame and I don't see the format being "toast" anytime soon. I really get a good laugh when I read these "doom and gloom" Blu-ray articles. The Dark Knight shattered Blu-ray records, and when The Lord of the Rings triology comes out on Blu-ray next year, it will surpass Dark Knight's numbers.

aiphanes3582d ago

And bluray is not at 16 percent of market share against DVD...And bluray killed HDDVD in 1 year!!!!

Why are the HDDVD folks still trying to kill bluray?

Why would you want to watch on your new 1080p plamsa or LCD a upscalled DVD when you could be watching a 1080p bluray movie in 7.1 hd sound?

Bluray will dominate in 2009 and beyond...there are over 25 million bluray players in only 2 years...that is good progress...even in these terrible economic times...

yoghurt3582d ago

The problem with the internet, people can just write whatever junk they want, and post it here. Blu-Ray is doing aswell if not better than dvd was at the same time, Blu-ray prices are already much lower than when they launched, for example most new releases such as dark knight can now be bought for £14.99 or there abouts. As soon as people start using thier ps3's more for blu-ray then you instantly have a massive blu-ray audience, which next year will be 25million blu-ray players in peoples homes...I could go on but there are too many of these articles, we should just ignore them, better still, people shouldn't approve the [email protected]