'Epic Didn't Really Know What to Do With the Franchise,' Cliff Bleszinski on the Gears of War Sale

From IGN: "While Gears of War has always been connected to the Xbox brand, the series was created by Epic Games as an exclusive. And though the series eventually found its way to Microsoft's first-party portfolio, lead designer Cliff Bleszinski shared his thoughts on the sale.

IGN sat down with Bleszinski for a new episode of Unfiltered and found out how the game director felt when it was announced that Epic Games would sell the franchise to Microsoft in 2014. This was two years after Bleszinski left Epic Games in 2012."

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The3faces89d ago

I remember playing the original Gears of War for the first time and being blown away by the graphics and art style and thinking how is this even possible on the Xbox 360 lol. Great job by Epic!

Stuart575689d ago

Awesome game, defined the 360 era. Its a shame what happend really.

SenorFartCushion89d ago

It’ll eventually be made into a multiplayer only game. Every franchise like this will be. The main goal of the industry is having everything basically like Overwatch 2 or any multiplayer mobile game.

TheEnigma31389d ago

It was the first next gen game of that generation.

SonyStyled89d ago

There was another game that came before that, but incredibly expensive to play in 2006.

Popsicle89d ago

I remember a comment from my girlfriend at the time. “How could the graphics get any better than this.” Was amazing in 2006.

Eidolon89d ago

Played on the 360 after having seen Uncharted 4, and I was still amazed at what they achieved.

89d ago
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TheEnigma31389d ago

Because it should have ended at GoW3.

rlow189d ago

In the article he said Phil Spenser was the only person to call him and nobody else. Just found that interesting, because no one at Epic or his ex co-game developers tried to contact him.

LoveSpuds89d ago

Perhaps he actually is as much of a douchebag as he seemed back in the day. Guy had a terrible attitude and always seemed super arrogant.

CorndogBurglar89d ago (Edited 89d ago )

Yeah he did! I remember G4 had him on one of their shows back in the day and he just had this smug look the whole time and was wearing this real tight black shirt and big chain. And he just looked and talked like he thought he was way too cool for the room.

I loved Gears, don't get me wrong. But he was a total douche.

CS789d ago

Franchises need to constantly and successfully reinvent themselves to keep entries from getting stale.

Look at GOW (PS) and Zelda. Those are examples of franchises that successfully evolve yet keep their core DNA.

That’s what the Gears franchise needs right now.

shinoff218389d ago

Never much cared for the look of gears. The over used steroid buff look. Ive heard good things about them. I will say i really need to play the gear of war tactics game. I love games like that. I just forget about it.

TheColbertinator89d ago

Gears Tactics is a solid game. Despite being an XCOM clone, it certainly has unique elements from Gears of War running well on the gameplay. I highly recommend it.

CorndogBurglar89d ago

Being an X-Com clone isn't really a bad thing.

shinoff218388d ago

To date xcom is one of my favorite series. Ive bought each one day one , the rebought when the goty editions come out with all the dlc. I just started it again sunday night. Every other year I run through xcom enemy within and 2 it seems.

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The story is too old to be commented.