SFIV premium theme now available on Xbox Live

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"Merry Late Xmas to us, Seems slick Microsoft has released SFIV premium theme yesterday, and didn't tell us. "

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tatotiburon3583d ago

wow best premium theme so far, worth the 250 mp

Stryfeno23583d ago

I bought this theme ASAP. This is worth the points.

Sully3583d ago

I got 7 Street Fighter 4 themes on my PS3 for FREE!

Also i can make more if i want for FREE!

MastaGT3583d ago

dude who cares? ps3 sucks

tatotiburon3583d ago

can we see a image of the icons?

Eiffel3583d ago

Thats good that you were able to find the themes +1 point.
But you got lost in all your fanboism and posted Bullsh1t -1 point.

JasonXE3583d ago

is that her boob popping out and awesome pantie shot.

El_Colombiano3583d ago

Although I would never pay for some JPEGs, nice theme Capcom. Haha nice shot of her though, gotta have a reason to sell!

outlawlife3583d ago

technically speaking they are png images ;-)

El_Colombiano3583d ago

Ah yes! That merrits my money towards Capcom/Micosoft! PNGs over JPEGs, YESSSS!!!


But seriously though man, I still wouldn't buy pictures from anybody. At least not digital pics.

Bladestar3583d ago (Edited 3583d ago )

and yet you would buy cowboy hats for your Home character... lol!
double standard...

Lesson? Let people do wherever they want with their money... "worth" means different things to different people.

For example, I still don't think is worth owning a PS3 yet... for other it's not worth owning an xbox 360...

Some people think Themes are not worth buying.. others think that paying for character clothing an home furniture is just dumb...

well... bottom line.. if you do not think is worth it... don't buy it.