Elder Scrolls 6 and Fallout 5: why Bethesda’s slowness is a good thing

Elder Scrolls 6 and Fallout 5 are still in the ether, but as we wait on the Starfield release date, perhaps Bethesda’s RPG game slowness is a good thing

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lucian22991d ago

Becaaaaaaaaaause it isn't a good thing. I mean as long as the games come out good I guess, but 100 re releases is annoying

The3faces91d ago

Because Bethesda is content to keep milking Skyrim over and over. The next Elder Scrolls will most likely release on the next Xbox and PlayStation

adamwparker91d ago


Unfortunately, I don't think so. Not even THIS Playstation, right?

porkChop91d ago

It's not releasing on PS though.

The3faces91d ago

I'd be surprised if Microsoft keeps Elder Scrolls 6 off PlayStation. New IP such as Starfield and Redfall yeah they'll be exclusive to Xbox but Elder Scrolls and Fallout have been on PlayStation and sell way too many copies to be made exclusive to just one platform.

CrimsonWing6991d ago

Wait till you get old and we'll have this chat again.

adaminoregon91d ago

No it isnt good. There is no reason we should be waiting a decade for a game sequel. All bethesda is doing is losing 10s of millions a year and destroying hype for games. At least with microsoft in charge maybe they wont release stuff so buggy.

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