Free Radical Up For Sale

TimeSplitters developer Free Radical Design is now officially up for sale, providing the end-all verification to a set of rumors about the company about a week ago.

The word last week had Free Radical founder Steve Ellis setting up shop at a new studio, called Pumpkin Beach, taking with him some of his former company's coders. There was some question as to whether Free Radical was being shuttered, or simply in administration, and also how many others lost their jobs.

It is in fact in administration, which means the company and its assets are for sale. Presumably that would include IP like TimeSplitters, and presumably it means someone could buy it without buying the developer outright, although severe cost-cutting makes the latter more reasonable. As for jobs, 140 people are being let go at the beginning of the year. Forty remain.

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Arsenic133800d ago (Edited 3800d ago )

I could only imagine the huge sh*t storm that would be caused if Microsoft bought them. Timesplitters on 360 would cause some disturbances.


Now if sony buys them and make HAZE2 with killzone2 engine and they learn from there mistake from the first haze that will = WIN.

mcgrawgamer3800d ago

nah I seriously doubt that. Sony is doing everything they can to make profit, and imo buying a new studio would not be good business. I also don't see MSFT buying them either.

Sad to say Timesplitters may be dead for quite a while.

Aclay3800d ago (Edited 3800d ago )

After the HAZE debacle, I doubt Microsoft would buy Free Radical, but Microsoft definantly needs more first party studios though because that is an area where they are lacking... I mean in just a matter of a year or two, Bungie is no longer under Microsoft and Microsoft will be shutting down Ensemble Studios after Halo Wars.

Free Radical had a pretty good track record, and it's a shame that all this had to happen to them. If Free Radical couldn't get the job done with HAZE, I would be a little skeptical of how well they could pull of a next-gen TimeSplitters on the PS3 or 360, but I wish them all the best.

Apocwhen3800d ago (Edited 3800d ago )

MS should buy Free Radical, merge them back in with Rare and make the next real Perfect Dark :)

ambientFLIER3799d ago

1: Didn't they make TimeSplitters for the original Xbox?

2: Haze might have been a result of PS3's difficult to program for architecture. The 360 might give them less problems if MS buys them.

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Sangria3800d ago

EA can make a good deal on it. Please save Free Radical, at least in honor of TimeSplitters series. Or like Clover, maybe they will create a new independent studio (Pumpkin Beach?). But i really hope it's not a Game Over.

caffman3800d ago

anyone got change for a button?

FreestyleBarnacle3800d ago

Depends, is it a shiny button?

tatotiburon3800d ago

c'mon microsoft buy it, they are the people who made Goldeneye

tatotiburon3800d ago (Edited 3800d ago )

nop, when microsoft bought rare a big part of the rare team split and created free radical, especially the people who created goldeneye.

Rock Bottom3800d ago

Actually, with Steve Ellis gone, there's no one left from the team that made golden eye.

Arsenic133800d ago

Steve was the voice of Conker :(

Odion3800d ago

wrong some of the people who Made GoldenEye left after, in 1998.

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SIX3800d ago

I feel really bad for them.......................... ....

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