Kingdom Under Fire II - The Official Website Launched

GamingShogun writes, "Blueside and Phantagram have announced the launch of the official website for their upcoming Kingdom Under Fire 2. Due out in 2009, the game picks up fifty years after the events of Kingdom Under Fire: The Crusaders..."

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Andreas-Sword3582d ago

One of the best Hack & Slay game. I love this game!

KidMakeshift3582d ago

It's kind of a misleading title since this will be the 4th KUF game that I know of

I consider Kingdom Under Fire: Heroes as KUF2

Circle of Doom was a spin off like Guilty Gear Overture

I think the games are pretty good for the most part.

It looks better than LoTR: Conquest, which is pretty fun from what I've played so I have high hopes

Jager3582d ago

Sweet... im getting this game lmao... looks like Mount & Blade, just larger scale and massively better graphics... any idea if this is online?

goflyakite3582d ago

Has it been announced which consoles it's coming to?
The trailer looked pretty nice.

Xandet3582d ago

Thought the series was exclusive to Microsoft.. if not, good deal. Played the first and it was alright, with potential underlying. Hopefully II brings that to light.

no_more_trolling3582d ago

hated the 360 one. loves the both that was for the first xbox. i hope they go back to the roots

labwarrior3582d ago

Has been confirmed numerous times

Jager3582d ago (Edited 3582d ago )

IGN says its PS3 / PC / 360

Edit: Would also explain why its in the PS3 section aswell? :P

Edit 2: Also on Wiki as being on both consoles + PC.

Edit 3: Published by Phantagram, not MS. So for it being multiplatform = most likely

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