A Pair Of Lovely PS3 Sticks

Fret not. While Sega's buggy PS3 joysticks have been pulled off the market, peripheral maker Hori has a pair of nice lookin' sticks to hold ya over. Designed for use with PS3 games and won't work with PS2 titles, they connect to the console via USB. The buttons are able to output at twenty pushes per second. There are two versions: The hoss-sized REAL ARCADE PRO.3 books for ¥8,379 (US $69), and the smaller Fighting Stick goes for ¥5,229 (US $43).

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Adriokor4889d ago

This will be awesome for Tekken.

kewlkat0074889d ago

This should work great for Tekken, Soul Caliber 4, and VF5. Then again I have a 360 and will only get to play 2 of does untill I own a PS3. Whatever happened to Street Brawlers ala..Final Fight, Streets of Rage, man they gave up on that genre. These games work well with these type of joysticks and online aswell.

Who wants to make the next next-gen brawler? I feel like alot of Genres still have potential but developers are just not listening.

HandShandy4889d ago

Yeah I agree with you there mate.

I loved streets of Rage and "Dynamite Cop" on the SEGA Dreamcast was one of my favourite games of all time - they are so fun.

The were the only Beat 'em ups I really liked.