PS5 Shipped 25 Million Units as of September 2022; PS Plus & PlayStation Network Users Decline YoY

The PS5 has passed 25 million units shipped, but PlayStation Plus and PlayStation Network are losing users.

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zsquaresoff89d ago

Psn numbers declining is a given considering the boost during pandemic for all the publishers.

_SilverHawk_89d ago

Still haven't seen any in shops I've been to.

Bathyj89d ago

I've yet to see a ps5 in the wild.

myfathersbastard89d ago

I actually just saw one on Sunday. Was considering picking it up just to sell to a friend at normal price when he decides to get one so he doesn’t have to get raped by 3rd party sellers. I should go back n see if it’s still there lol

CobraKai89d ago (Edited 89d ago )

I’m surprised too. I thought they’d be readily available by now.

Ooh. Prolly gone.

blackblades88d ago

Ive only seen one but I think in my city you have to ask the worker if they have some in the back considering they dont hold them in the glass cases.

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Lifexline89d ago

I don’t think that should matter I just think they need to do more with psn plus. It almost seems like they treat it as an afterthought only invest in it because MS does it and is successful. They have such an advantage when it comes to games overall I feel they could be miles ahead but not sure why they don’t do more especially with PlayStation plus.

shinoff218388d ago

I think alot of there older games are taking so long because theres work being done to them. Like the worms ps1 game they added stuff, it doesnt happen over night.

TheCaptainKuchiki89d ago

Also most of them are PS4 players. Some left for Switch, PC or Xbox.

shinoff218388d ago

I think most just stayed on ps4

neutralgamer199289d ago

I saw a few ps5s in Walmart for multiple days but I think the reason for that is because of the customer service says they don't sell it in store

blackblades88d ago

Maybe my area they might not have them on display so you have to ask and thats for all 3 systems.

jznrpg88d ago

Target I’ve seen them but they were sold online only and waiting to be picked up by someone. Same thing for Walmart .

chasem092788d ago

Walmart is replenishing them to the stores now. And they are available for in-store purchase. It’s limit one per customer, so should help with scalping. I’ve had to deny someone for three days trying to buy them all lol.

MrNinosan89d ago

Nice to see VGChartz haven't changed at all then.

Undercut PS5 by at least a million,
Overcut Series X/S "by who the f knows".

Aloymetal88d ago (Edited 88d ago )

It's a known fact that VGchartz is run by an xbox fanatic. Back in 2018 when AMD released their official ship numbers for their chips, VGchartz had the xbone 4 millions over the real number of chips received by MS to make their consoles.
The AMD article was called "the joy of gaming" and had all their numbers for each console manufacturer.
I always subtract 3 millions from VGCHARTZ numbers to get a more real/accurate idea of their BS sales.

HardKnockKid2488d ago

It is a known fact that you are a Sony fanatic lol these days I just come here for laughs

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Hofstaderman89d ago

So basically hardware and physical software is still the lifeblood of the industry as it’s always been.

Jericho133788d ago

Hmm physical software sales down 18%, any explanation for that? Or are gamers starting to get priced out of Sony’s sky high RRPs?

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