Crackdown Review (Gamespot)

Crackdown creates an exciting open world and gives you a lot of interesting abilities, but there isn't enough main-game content to truly take advantage of the game's strengths.

The Good: Great-looking city; exciting abilities that get better as you play; satisfying explosions.

The Bad: Driving is lame until you max out your skills; co-op feels half baked; not enough content to keep you busy for long.

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Syko4422d ago

Probably pretty close to true after playing the Demo. Killing the Bosses was easy, But the true beauty was in going Agent Smith from the Matrix all over the town. Love when you are at 3+ stars for agility and leaping off things that shouldn't be jumped off of only to smash the concrete under your feet. Makes the dude seem like a bad ass fo' Sho'

Anerythristic264422d ago

most of the reviews it is gett from around 8 to around 9. Semms like a SOLID game. I can't wait to own it.

MoonDust4422d ago

I'll probably rent it when the H3 demo is being released.

CAPS LOCK4422d ago

its not a AAA title, i would give it a 6.9/10

Schmitty074422d ago

Its an okay game that comes with the Halo 3 beta. If the Halo 3 beat wasn't included I would not be getting this game.

gogators4422d ago

the demo was very enjoyable. Yeah! it's not a great game, but still good enough to warrent a purchase.

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