Capcom hints Dead Rising coming to PS3 via PlayStation Network

During a recent blog posting at the Official SCEA PlayStation Blog, John Diamonon of Capcom seems to confirm that Dead Rising is on its way to PSN.

In response to a question posed by one visitor to the site,

"I must say that it is awesome that you announced Dead Rising for the PSN, right? ;-) "

John's answer,

"Who announced it? Me? I don't think so! :)"

That well placed smiley certainly my be the clue that Dead Rising is on its way to PSN.

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whoelse3795d ago

Wow CAPCOM and Sony are really becoming buddies, just like Square and Microsoft. :)

Danja3795d ago

1st day buy for me....just reminds me..I need to update my cash on my account....

sonarus3795d ago (Edited 3795d ago )

Where is that article where they said PS3 couldn't have full downloadable games but X360 was primed to

Nathan Drake3795d ago

Dissidia is Square Enix's most successful game of 2008,beating out Infinite Undiscovery and The Last Remnant.

It's funny;Their most successful game of 2008 happens to be on a Playstation platform :)

Axelay3795d ago (Edited 3795d ago )

The best selling game of square enix this year have been Dragon quest 5 that sell more than 1 millions in japan and it's on the ds (a nintendo console should i remind you)

Jerkapotamus3795d ago

Notice comment number 19:
When’s Dead Rising coming to PS3?


It wouldn't make much sense to reply to that unless there was something going on with it. I hope it's true.

barom3795d ago

I hope it's true and if it is on PSN that would be even more awesome. More and more I love buying Digital content. Simply because I'm too lazy to take out the disc and put in a new one. I just love launching everything directly from the console.

uie4rhig3795d ago

you're right.. it all started when Sony gave them their own PSN Store lol..

Doppy3795d ago

Finally. I hope it's a good port.

xwabbit3795d ago

We need to support this people. So they bring us more stuff ^_^

Sarcasm3795d ago

This is awesome if it's true. I already have it for the 360, but I'd download it again just for the trophies.

CrazzyMan3795d ago (Edited 3795d ago )

That would be VERY nice. =))

If just mistwalker would somehow port LO and BD, then i totally could forget about x360 existence. =)) Well, maybe NG2 improved version, and that`s it.
Not, that these 2 rpg games are very great, but i wouldn`t mind to have those 2 on PS3.

p.s. and bring my sixth bubble back, thnx. =]]

Menech3795d ago (Edited 3795d ago )

That's the way this site works my friend to get bubbles you just have to declare your unending love for Sony. I try to be neutral to both brands actually saying something good about the 360 and not having 1 bubble is quite and achievement.

Look at Nathan Drake for example he's the biggest douchewad but because he's a Sony fan he has bubbles.

mr_potato3794d ago

1.12 guess you werent there last year when it was the contrary and xbox fanboys had the power.

Now the balance has shifted and you better not type any comment take a beer and have fun.

ThanatosDMC3794d ago

If it does, i hope they add more stuff in the game than the one from the 360 since i all ready have it. If they add more stuff worth my money, then i'll buy the game.

The Lazy One3794d ago

smiley equals confirmation now...

Halochampian3794d ago

Hah.. I was thinking the exact same thing. :)

rockleex3794d ago

Monster Hunter MMORPG for the PS3(possibly 360 also) instead.

RebornSpy3794d ago

When has a smiley not been confirmation?

Legion3794d ago

All the Sony PSN games are not coming to the XBox Live Arcade. :)

Hhhhmmmm... smiley at the end, how devilish!! Must mean they are.

prowiew3794d ago

Is a little old but it is still awesome. Is one of my favorite games n 360. I was thinkin on buying the game again on 360 ( cause i traded it), but i will wait to see if this is true. Maybe they will add things.

Hoggy19833794d ago

I'm not sure if this is actually going to go to the PS3 in the first place but great news if so. Im a 360 owner but I have to admit I'm happy to see it go to the PS3 as its been kicking around for a long time and its a great game which deserves to be played by all.

MorganX3794d ago (Edited 3794d ago )

Trophies Please!! This is one game I will definitely play through again on the PS3 platform. Makes sense given that Dead Rising 2 is coming to the Playstation 3.

Nice One! All that's missing now is Gears of War.

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doshey3795d ago

omg please let it come to psn i will buy it

THC CELL3795d ago

me 2 i had it for xbox 360

i wonder if we will see new contents etc
i never played it much on 360 due to playing a lot of rainbow six

El_Colombiano3795d ago


PLEASE CAPCOM!!! PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE!!! AHHH YEAH!!! THERE IT IS MY FAVORITE 360 ON THE PS3!!! AHHHH YEEEEESSSSS!!!!! TODAY IS THE HAPPIEST DAY OF MY LIFE!!! (not really)YEESSSS!!!! I would kiss Capcom right now if it were a human being! YESSSS!!!

rogimusprime3794d ago

please make the font BIGGER for psn. (yes, i know its not going to happen, but I can hope, right?)

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HighDefinition3795d ago (Edited 3795d ago )

that and Fable2, IMO.

If it does come, Dead Rising 2 will aswell, which is the BEST news that came from this for me.

cayal3795d ago

So far I think Mass Effect is the best 360 game.

MazzingerZ3795d ago (Edited 3794d ago )

I don't think this is the best the X360 could offer, the game wasn't good, it's competition were PS2 was the typical title that comes out during the 1 year of a console was then when several of those "Best game catalogue" got really high scores just because looked better than a PS2 game.

I think it's great it will be available for download, though...19 USD would be a fair price I guess unless extra content is included.

The most relevant here is to see how CAPCOM is really pleased with SONY not having download limits and providing them an own PS Store... EA is next, Ubisoft, etc...this comes to confirm to everybody that when it comes to Digital Distribution of games, SONY is ahead

what will happen is that Microsoft will incread the download limit as well...let's see if SONY makes some moves that would make that changed in their policy useless.

FrankenLife3794d ago

It is still one of the most fun games on the 360. It is simple. The AI was as dumb as can be. That's great for zombies, bad for saving people. However there is a lot more to the game than what you see. I loved all the unlockables. Megaman's buster is awesome, and hilarious. The Magazines were a great modifier in the game.

The game is just satisfying. Killing zombies in fun and interesting ways is satisfying. The game really doesn't have to be much more than that. It works, and I love it. I would happily buy it again.

MorganX3794d ago

I hated it, until I learned how to play, and how to apply the books to the proper weapons. The time sucked until you got good and learned all the tricks and found all the goodies. Going back after you master the mechanics and saving as many people as possible was really fun.

Some would say having to learn the mechanics of a game is a flaw, but in the end, fun is fun. I would like a better save game mechanism in Dead Rising 2.

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HDgamer3795d ago

Wouldn't mind playing this. I just hope the price of the game is around 20-30.

Mozilla893795d ago

Then it will probably be around $30, I've never played it but wouldn't really mind giving it a try. Maybe it will have a trailer announcing Dead Rising 2 lol.

Danja3795d ago

This game is gonna be $'s been out for like close to 3 years now....

NJShadow3795d ago

Yeah, that would actually make sense. By putting Dead Rising out on the PSN, you make the name more known, thus setting up the second for possibly better sale numbers.