A Look at Some of The Saddest PlayStation Trophies Ever Released

Game Rant Writes "With Trophies first appearing in the PS3 generation, PlayStation fans have had time to come across some devastating objectives over the years."

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ActualEngineer97d ago

They forgot the community awarded "Worst console launch ever", for the Xbox one E3 launch event back in 2013. Followed-up by the "Tarnished Gaming Brand" award, passed on to them by EA. Those sure were some sad awards ... for the Xbox executive team.

1Victor97d ago (Edited 97d ago )

@actual👇👆 🤦🏿 . . . . . 😩 selectively read a some words from the headline and rush to comment first with nonsense comment 🤦🏿.
I thought I was going to find some easy sad trophies on the list from games like hanna montana but it’s actually sad on the morality sense like killing animals in general on games for a trophy 🤷🏿

curtain_swoosh97d ago

the heavy rain one was definitely sad i agree