Death Stranding Soundtrack Contributor Ryan Karazija Has Passed Away

It’s an unfortunate day for the gaming industry and the acquaintances of the departed. Ryan Karazija, the founder of the Reykjavik-based Low Roar music band is no longer among the living. The news has been officially worded on Low Roar’s various social media platforms.

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shammgod89d ago

RIP. Low Roar has great songs and another album was in the works.

Elda89d ago

It was stated Ryan died of pneumonia complications. He's no longer suffering. May his new journey is a peaceful one & continues to make music while his music lives on here on earth.

Gregero89d ago

Pneumonia is rough. I too am glad he's no longer in pain. He left us with some amazing music. It fit the Death Stranding world SO well and really brought the game to life. May he rest well.

ChubbyBlade88d ago (Edited 88d ago )


I’ve had pneumonia. It’s not a fun time. Was at work when I started to feel dizzy and coughing. Told my boss I needed to leave. Called home and said I was headed home. Passed out and woke up in the hospital. Was in and out dizziness and breathing complications for a month.

Glad he’s not suffering anymore. What a shame.