Fake iPhone Nanos hit Thailand

According to Apple Insider, knockoff iPhone Nanos have surfaced in stores around Thailand, all fitting the description of the rumored Nano which has yet to be confirmed by Apple or any manufacturer.

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rickyjb233671d ago

vids can be found on youtube it looks ok

ocalot2k53671d ago

From where am originally from..a Fake ipod nano hit the market a month after they launched. lol..yeah, from where am from pretty much everything is.

Cwalat3671d ago


this came when?

There are fake EVERYTHING...

have any of you seen... Hiphone?

worst shiet ever made.

Birdman183671d ago

last i checked, the product in the picture of this article is actually the iPhone..not an ipod nano

Coffin873671d ago

two words: who cares???