How To Deactivate A PS3 Without The PS3?

Zo writes "The problem is that YOU can't. So anyone who knows me and reads this blog knows how big a fan of the PS3 I am but when stuff like this keeps happening it really makes it hard Sony. So a few post back a lot of you will remember that all of the sudden my PS3 just stopped reading Blu-Ray disc. I tried everything I could, searched the net, but alas in the end I had to purchase a new PS3. All was good in the world until today. Today, enjoying the long holiday break I decided to download the entire second season of one of my favorite TV shows. I didn't anticipate a problem since I had downloaded demos and stuff from Playstation Home on this new console without a problem, but boy was I wrong."

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PirateThom3676d ago (Edited 3676d ago )

You can have 5 activated PS3s with your PSN ID (and thus, access to content), which Sony have in place in case something does go wrong.

Their model allows you to "game share", Sony are so far OK with this, but game sharing is not why this exists and if you're stupid enough to give 4 friends your details so they can download stuff and not keep a back up in case something does go wrong, how is that Sony's fault?

Sony will deactivate the system with a call though, or will even take this request while you are getting a replacement unit.

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GrieverSoul3676d ago

My friend, your right in 50% and wrong in other 50%.

First, YES U can download bought content unlimited times in 5 diferent consoles. Also you can log in an unlimited number of PS3 with your PSN ID! However, if your content as been downloaded in more than 5 diferent PS3s, in your 6th PS3 it will not download! Thats the catch!

This is why u always have a message displayed whenever you download stuff from the PSN store. The ´´Activating`` message display.

About the article, something is fishy! This guy is doing something wrong or he shared his PSN ID with someone else!

barom3676d ago

I think you guys are both right. However, we're talking a different case here. The DRM on the Video Store is not the same as the Playstation Store. The Video store ONLY allows for one activation, and in addition to that it locked down to his FIRST PS3 automatically as he watched movies on that one in the past. His PS3 then broke down and now that he purchased NEW episodes/movies to watch, he gets the message that his account is ACTIVATED to his PREVIOUS console and thus the problem begins.

You see the movie companies aren't as nice with DRM as the game companies, and thats why the DRM is a bit more strict on the Video content.

Ju3676d ago

Hm, this is interesting. Never downloaded movies onto two machines (I got 2 PS3s, and had/have no troubles with games). I usually rent movies from PSN, haven't bought any yet...still, I think that needs to be addressed, though.

plain rice3676d ago (Edited 3676d ago )

Let me hit you guys up with some knowledge coming from a guy who's been through many PS3's. No it did not break on me, I buy and sell them.

-You can have 5 simultaneously activated PS3's sharing your game content. (Some content may have restrictions though)
-Video content can only be shared on ONE PS3 at a time. Whichever PS3 is activated at the time.
-You can log-in onto many PS3's without activating. (For example if you just want to use your online persona on a friends system to play online.)
-If you do log in onto a PS3 besides your own, once you download something on your account, on their system, it AUTOMATICALLY activates their system as the 2nd registered PS3 for your account. Keep doing this and the number of activated systems build up on your account.

-Everytime you get your console repaired or if you plan to sell your system, ALWAYS DEACTIVATE the PS3 off your account.
-Everytime you log onto your friends PS3, always check for deactivation (in case you accidentally activated) then delete your account afterwards.
-Do not share your content with someone you don't know. You may never get in contact with them again to deactivate their PS3 from your account.

Remember 5 is the limit so use it wisely. I don't think you can simply call Sony to reset the number of activations on your account. Once you use it up and have no access to the same system, you may never get to use your account to buy or use your content again on another PS3.

Ju3676d ago

This explanation sound reasonable. And I think there's the catch. A fail safe mechanism is missing. Say, in the worst case your PS3 gets stolen, someone needs to disables the machines attached to the account (for example - happened to a friend of mine). I think this is what the article tries to address. Should not be too easy, though. I think people would be upset if a simple phone call would remove their machine(s) from their accounts all of a sudden.

barom3676d ago

Just some heads up for those who's unlucky enough to get their PS3 stolen. I'm not sure whether it's possible to deactivate from the official playstation site (for US anyway @ but I do know that you can at least change your password there and delete your credit cards and stuff.

acedoh3675d ago

My PS3 broke on me this Summer. It was my 40 gig so I was able to get it replaced for nothing. I had no chance to deactivate it. Although I didn't think this would be a problem. I had downloaded all the episodes of Sunny in Philadelphia plus some other shows. In total I had spent probably close to $80 on shows. When I got my new PS3 I was not able to redownload anything from the PSN video store. I kept getting the messages that I already had a system activated for video content. I called SONY and they were friendly but the person I talked to seemed to have no idea how to get the problem fixed. Three months later the problem still isn't fixed. That is a problem. It's not just with video content but also with videos off the Singstore that can only be downloaded once. I hope SONY gets this problem resolved...

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HighDefinition3676d ago (Edited 3676d ago )

sound like the 360.

A donkey must have kicked him in the head.

That Sony allows you to Re-D/L or Share 5 times..... is amazing, not many companies would do that.

sukru3676d ago (Edited 3676d ago )

Microsoft... You can have "unlimited" downloads, as long as your account is online at that machine. (Or you transfer the license using the online tool).

And also Amazon... You can download your purchased films up to 5 machines, too. You can even deactive offline machines by e-mailing the customer service.

I've never bought anything from PS store, will keep this in mind if I do. (No redownload of video store on a second PS3).

sukru3676d ago

Don't you agree that Amazon or XBL provides that amount of downloads:
Purchased videos can be downloaded to two compatible offline viewing devices, Purchased videos can be downloaded to two compatible offline viewing devices
plus there is a web viewing option, making a total of 5 (actually making infinite).
When you download content from Xbox Live Marketplace, that content is licensed to the console you downloaded it to and the profile you downloaded it with. The console license allows anyone to use that content on that console, online or off. The profile license allows you to use the content on any console, as long as you're signed in to Xbox Live (the reason you have to be signed in to Xbox Live is that your profile has to be validated with the service).

(Note: This console license can now be transferred almost freely).

Why is the disagree? Did I interpret these license terms incorrectly,
... or are you disagreeing, only because the truth is bitter, and Sony's license restrictions are much stricter than Microsoft, or Amazon's?

HighDefinition3676d ago

You assume WAY to much, if that last post is directed at me.

I just saw it now. Now I`m not gonna reply just off principal.

Spike473676d ago

I've heard people lie about the YLOD error, firmware updates, say they played the Killzone 2 beta and it sucked, LBP flopped, etc.

fanboys never cease to amaze me.

darkequitus3676d ago

Why does every issue mentioned about the PS3 be a lie? How do you know, Oh Oracle you?
On firmware update made me have to reconfigure my HDMI every time I turn on the PS3. 5 days later it was fixed. No biggy. Am I lying? Had problems with the 360 too, My Pcs, My mac. Why can't there be issues with the PS3


HighDefinition3676d ago

Of course PS3s break.

It`s just not frequent enough to be news.


TheMART3676d ago

"my PS3 just stopped reading Blu-Ray disc"

That's exactly what I got after just 3 weeks of use of my 80GB PS3. And this is a often heard problem that seems to hit the PS3 often after the introduction of the 40GB PS3's and the price drop. Chopped down in price, chopped down in quality Sony?

Sounds like the PS2's bad laser which hit after 10 months to a year all over again...

Gue13676d ago (Edited 3676d ago )

Don't tell me Mart... Your X360 never had the famously and well known RRoD and you have it since launch right? You're particularly known around here as a PS3 hater, now you come at the better time to throw a jab to Sony, saying that you got a PS3 that only lasted a month before it stopped reading discs?

Come one man, the X360 is one of the most unreliable piece of electronic ever created and you have the nerve to come and say: "Chopped down in price, chopped down in quality Sony?" while defending the box on other threads. = \
No way!

-It have been proved that MS knew about the problems of the X360 before its launch but they didn't care... That's the company you devote so much loyalty that you even bought a PS3 for when you talk trash about it your arguments have more weight simply because you own it?

Baka-akaB3676d ago

Lol you had a ps3 ? Yeah right , see that's the problem with "boys crying wolves all the time , even when they're telling the truth , you can't trust them" .

GiantEnemyLobster3676d ago

First the thing stopped reading Bluray discs, then WHAM! Yellow light of death. His harddrive was more fried than the chicken at KFC.

Meanwhile my Xbox 360 has had no problems at all. :)

DiabloRising3676d ago


Zo Knows Sh1t apparently.

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