Eurogamer's Top 50 Games of 2008: 30-21

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"Welcome to the third instalment in Eurogamer's Top 50 Games of 2008! Make sure to check out 50-41 and 40-31 for additional opportunities to swear at us, and remember, we know X is not better than Y. Each travesty is best explained by the Editor's blog detailing the setup. If you want to a straight list of what's better than what, which makes sense, you're better off with the Eurogamer Readers' Top 50 Games of 2008, to which thousands contributed. Thanks!"

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ngg123453797d ago

the onyl media site that would have wii fit over mgs4. Wished neogaf would block this stupid site.

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ngg123453797d ago

Rich Leadbetter: I like to play games, not watch them, and this game is the worst yet for making you sit down and watch an impenetrable and dare I say it tedious plot play out. The tech's brilliant, the gameplay can be superb - but surely there has to be a better way of combining gameplay and narrative? Bottom line: I skipped the cut-scenes, totally lost track of what was going on, and lost interest completely after Act 2.

Kieron Gillen: I spent days begging Tom to let me re-review this after the furore around Oli's review lead to that bulging 2000-posts thread. Because those people seemed to think that Oli's review was somehow negative. They were clearly confused, and I wanted to make it totally clear what a negative review actually looks like. Tom decided it probably wasn't wise. Much like forty-two hour cut-scenes. Remember: Just because it's carefully constructed art made by one of videogames' true auteurs, doesn't mean that it can't be full of s***.
Christian Donlan: My favourite moment was completing the entire film noir section wearing an oil drum. Had to take it off for the final boss, sadly.

Simon Parkin: Nobody's interested in the middle ground when it comes to polarising videogames. When it comes to MGS4 this is a shame because there is just as much of merit in this experience as there is to spoil it. In his fine, thoughtful review for Eurogamer, Oli nailed this tension with skill and eloquence. That so many readers were unable to parse his thoughts, to appreciate the nuance and contradictions in the experience suggests that Kojima's series primarily appeals to immature gamers. Perhaps that's natural for a game born of Hollywood bombast, one that requires you to swallow its spectacle wholesale before being allowed to investigate its systems. Still, long live the middle ground: this is a game that has much to teach and much to learn, and we're all the poorer if it manages neither.

Oli Welsh: Most awkward moment of 2008: realising that Hideo Kojima was stood behind me while I was taking advantage of one of MGS4's interminable cut-scenes to check emails on my phone. Now he, along with most of the rest of the world, thinks I hate Metal Gear Solid 4, but they're all wrong. I love it. Deranged, flawed, insanely ambitious, meticulously detailed, ridiculous, clever, sexy, self-aware: I'm profoundly glad that multi-million-dollar lunatic labours of love like this get made, for all that it occasionally drove me spare. There were many better games released this year, but for my money none of them, save Lich King, contain so many great moments.

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I wish sites state the truth about a game instead of making stuff up as if they didn't even play. And they are pretty much idiots not even figuring out their blatant bias.

ngg123453796d ago

Believing htey are elite to gamers because they write in the game industry. People who enjoyed mgs4 are immature gamers? What creeps more than anything...

Hot_tea3796d ago

Typical fanboy bagging on mgs4 cut scenes, ignorant fools.
For a somewhat intelligent and coherent explanation of the game of the year (and one of best games EVER made)watch this.....