Xbox 360 HD DVD Player - $172.22

The Xbox 360 HD DVD player is on sale for $182.22 at and is #4 on the top movers and shakers list. Use Google Checkout for the first time and get an additional $10 off. Another option is to use the $10 new customer coupon here...

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Syko5704d ago

This would be a tough sale for me, Pretty annoyed at this whole HD-Blu-DVD-Ray fiasco.!

xfrgtr5704d ago (Edited 5704d ago )

hddvd is dead and I didn't know that n4g could be used for advertising

Marty83705704d ago

Considering the HD DVD add-on is only a very basic HD DVD player it not worth it.If the add-on could be used for games had support for HDMI/DTS audio/lossless sound then it may be worth it.As it is only a HD DVD movie player it's too expensive.PS3 is a better option as its a high end Blu-ray player and Nex Gen console that supports Blu-ray for both games and movies.PS3 also supports HDMI/DTS audio/lossless audio all as standard.

BIadestarX5704d ago

You remind me of this sales rep at CompuUSA the other day. I went to get a network switch and they didn't have what I was looking for. Then the guy goes on saying, "We have a great deal on printers..." the first thing that came into my mind was "You @*&#*&er I came to get one thing and you offering me something else?" Well, samething here. ".PS3 is a better option as its a high end Blu-ray player and Nex Gen console that supports Blu-ray for both games and movies" If blu-ray could play HD DVD movies than it would make sense. Anybody looking for an HD DVD player will not buy a blu-ray player. Also, anybody owning a 360 already will not pay $600 just to play HD movies when they can pay $180 for it. If someone that already owns an xbox 360 buys a PS3 it will not be to play HD movies; intead it will be to play the games.
We are talking about an add-on. People buying this already have an xbox 360; meaning $180 it's the obvious choice over $600.

frostbite065704d ago (Edited 5704d ago )

I was just going to say that. Since when does the Ps3 play hd-dvds. Theres different movies for each format. And i wouldnt exactly say spending another $400 for another option is a better choice unless your planning on using it for gaming.

xbox360migs5704d ago

Bought it for £129 in the uk and have not looked back, the quality is amazing and I am really happy with it. The two best quality movies I have bought for it are universal movies funnily enough. I can't afford a blu ray player, so it's ideal as I already bought a 360 a year ago.

bung tickler5704d ago

i got one as soon as they came out and i couldnt be happier, i can use it on my 360 AND on my computer. i'd like to see anyone find something out there for cheaper that can do the same thing. HD_DVD is FAR from dead. soon there will be $250 standalones on the market and then we will see what format the general public buys into.

NextGen24Gamer5704d ago

Ever since I bought my HD DVD add on...I have been amazed at the difference. 1080p movies is spectacular. And with it being a litle over 150 and the movies look and sound better than the blu ray movies do on my 600 dollar ps3....WOW...Its a must have for anyone with a HD television. 6 times the detail of regular dvd's and notibly better than blu ray movies.

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The story is too old to be commented.