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Last month, Sega published their debut PS3 RPG in North America. Entitled Valkyria Chronicles, this Strategy RPG has gameplay elements that are unique to the genre, and some impressive visuals to go with it.

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Rikitatsu3584d ago

But Sega can't make good games :(


CrazzyMan3584d ago

Really TRUE NEXTGEN experience. =)
I hope, it will pass 1 mln. sales someday, and somehow, i think it WILL. :)

cLiCK_sLiCK93584d ago (Edited 3584d ago )

Valkyria Chronicles(the first 3D Advance Wars...imo). Its just sad Sony doesnt market their own games properly.

ExcelKnight3584d ago

Why would Sony market a game SEGA developed and published? Sony already helped out by giving the game some advert space on their numerous websites and featuring it more than once on the PS Blog.

cherrypie3584d ago (Edited 3584d ago )

The game has sold 280k copies *worldwide*.

"sleeper hit"? no. Massive failure? Yes.

Almost as big as White Knight Chronicles which Famitsu -- JRPG experts -- gave the lowest score of the generation, 29/40.

DiabloRising3584d ago

Once again Cherrypie, thank you for proving without a doubt that Titanic is THE greatest film of all time, since sales are all that matter.

God, fanboys like you are pretty damn sad. Thanks for the laugh.

Rob0g0rilla3583d ago

Look at the reviews for ME, Lair, haze, Last remnant and Infinite discovery for proof.

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El_Colombiano3584d ago

Most overlooked game of the year. Sad. Beyond sad. Urgh people buy this game!

Panthers3584d ago

This game IS SO FUN. I am chapter 7 now and it is getting hard. Loving it!!!!

Alcon3584d ago

well deserved score. This game was brilliant!

Gambit073584d ago

If this game had Final Fantasy in the title, it would sell millions, pretty sad...

R_19933584d ago

Buy this game! I want a prequel!

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The story is too old to be commented.