Where is my Ceramic White PSP 3000, Sony?

Portable Video Gamer writes:

"Why hasn't Sony released a white PSP 3000 SKU here in the States? Does the Japanese company think that Americans are somehow afraid of the blinding intensity of the color? We got those other bright red and blue PSP 2000 units, but where is the rainbow of subtle color schemes that we were promised way back in the pre-launch days? Pistachio, Fushia, cyan blue, even yellow would be interesting. The competing Nintendo DS has some downright crazy color combinations, and they seem to be selling well."

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clinker3798d ago

It's not just white. I remember there were a whole bunch of colors planned way back in 2006, but we only got a handful of them outside of Japan. Also, those limited edition ones suck, I don't want crap painted all over my electonics.

TheMART3798d ago

At the same place where the white PS3 is. Also announced in 3 colours back in 2005. Silver, white, black and only in Japan.

Europe and USA got shafted again.

GiantEnemyLobster3798d ago

Let alone trying to offer a variety of colors, that would just hurt Sony's wallets even more in the production stage!

Obama3798d ago

In another news the RROD only comes with one color - red.

El_Colombiano3798d ago

Sony always waits till way later to release white consoles in the states.

Cheeseknight283798d ago

I thought people were in general agreement that PSP-2000 was the superior system? I'd take a good screen over a microphone any day.