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Gaming Trend - "Star Ocean: The Divine Force is a bold and exciting new direction for the series with incredibly fun combat, great characters, and a gripping story. It stumbles more often than it should, but this grand return was more than worth the wait."

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Community629d ago
jznrpg629d ago (Edited 629d ago )

Story check ! Good characters check ! Fun Combat check! That’s all I need. I hope this does well sales wise ( I did buy it day 1 ) so I hope we get a next installment with a little more . Not a lot more just a little more . I’m going to play the first 2 games again after I beat this . Second game is the best .

gold_drake629d ago

Star Occean is pretty niche. so i dont expect super high numbers tbh.

lonewolf10629d ago

Tri-Ace are just about to go insolvent sadly, although they do not own the IP.

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shinoff2183629d ago

If they going bankrupt I hope sony swoops in and gives them a helping hand, tri ace makes fun games.

shinoff2183629d ago

Part in the review the person says they wouldve preferred they went with a more cell shaded look. Im glad they didnt we dont get alot of good jrpgs that look like this these days and I prefer this look over cell shaded games.

lucian229629d ago

I like 3d but the character models do need updating, especially the main character.


PlayStation Plus Game Catalog for September: NieR Replicant, 13 Sentinels, Civilization VI

Also included are Star Ocean The Divine Force, Sniper Ghost Warrior Contracts 2, Odin Sphere Leifthrasir, Unpacking.

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Community312d ago
Snookies12312d ago

Hot damn those are some high quality games right there. I've been meaning to give 13 Sentinels a go, just haven't had the time to get around to it.

RpgSama312d ago

I had it on my wishlist waiting for a Discount, when I knew I would be close to playing it, so much in my backlog already, might as well try it now.

Also looks at ALL those Star Ocean titles!!!

Einhander1972312d ago

The story is so great especially if you don't know what's going on, When i played it I kept thinking I bet this is "it" no I bet that's "it" no it's got to be this, but "it" wasn't those things in the end.

It's Japanese story telling style at it's finest, lead you along and let you wonder what is actually going on really keeping you engaged to figure out the mystery.

The RTS gameplay I really enjoyed too, my only regret was that there wasn't even more of it!

RpgSama312d ago


Who is salty enough to give you 4 dislikes for praising this game?

fr0sty312d ago

Probably why they hiked the price, so there could be better quality games and less shovelware.

notachance312d ago

It's one of the best story ever made in recent years, there's a reason it was nominated the best narrative in 2020's TGA.

Tapani311d ago

I heard 13 Sentinels has a superb story, gotto try it at one point.

I can vouch for Nier Replicant, it has one of the coolest endings I have experience in a game. Took me a while to complete the game fully, but man, it was more than worth it in the end.

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SegaSaturn669312d ago

nier and star ocean. 14 sentinels, jrpg dream. Even I can't hate on that.

CrimsonWing69312d ago

13 Sentinels is a must play if you haven't. Like, I can't praise enough what an awesome story and set of characters that game has.

monkey602312d ago

Why did they rename Backbone? Strange.