Capcom denies Okami Wii report

Capcom UK has denied that it plans to do a Nintendo Wii version of Okami, despite our old friend Internet Reports getting up to his usual tricks.

There are no plans for Okami on Wii at this time," a spokesperson told Eurogamer today, expressing some bemusement at the suggestion.

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specialguest4900d ago (Edited 4900d ago )

Okami for the Wii is a very obvious one in all kinds of levels; from artistic style, and similarities to the Zelda games, to the ideal controller. Hopefully in the future, Okami will eventually be developed for the Wii. I'm pretty sure Zelda fans will adopt this game immediately.

eclipsegryph4900d ago

I don't think you can get better than what specialguest said.

ReconHope4900d ago

please don't use the motion sensing for the celestial brush, it will probably not work all that well.