Console wars: Who won "08

Despite early predictions that 2008 would be the year Sony regained momentum in the bitter video game console wars, it turned out to be false hope. Industry leader Nintendo stayed ahead of the pack all year, thoroughly dominating both the home console and handheld hardware markets with their Nintendo Wii and Nintendo DS systems, respectively.

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ktchong3580d ago (Edited 3580d ago )

We have been in a worldwide recession, which will only get worse in 2009. I've just read another news article that predicts that the US housing prices will fall another 20 to 30 percent in 2009.

Sony has the most expensive "entry price" for its console. The recession and high entry price for the PS3 have definitely impacted PS3 sales in 2008, and they will continue to impact PS3 sales in 2009.

Unless Sony is willing to cut the entry prices of the PS3, expect the PS3 to be the dead last, again, in 2009. In the current economic climate, prices are more important than everything else -- even the rich are cutting back their expenses.

PirateThom3580d ago

The PS3 outsold the 360 in 2007 and 2008 with the higher starting point.

thenickel3580d ago

We already know that so what's your point? 360 has been outselling PS3 in software this entire gen and we know that as well. Now I personally don't think the recession is going to hurt PS3 in sales and honestly think it's going to help it. There's to much doom and gloom going on by the media like it's all over when the truth is recovery is right around the corner.

Captain Tuttle3580d ago

It's been awhile. It's always good to see an old timer come back. Have a bubble.

And I totally agree with your statement. It's all about price now.

UltimateIdiot9113580d ago (Edited 3580d ago )

The problem with your argument is that yes, PS3 has a steeper initial starting price but if what you are saying is true, I believe people will look into long term saving and that's where PS3 wins.

Yes, I know people keep arguing "some of us don't need wifi" and what not but I know many people who do not keep their consoles within 25 feet of their router. As for the harddrive, you can get a 320 gb for under $80 for the PS3. Blu-ray, as much as some people want it to fail, it's staying and these movie studios will make it mainstream, so for me, the Blu-ray is a big bonus. The biggest for me was free online play, I enjoy playing online every now and then but not enough to justify that $50 a year.

So, in times like recession and depression, people will look to save in long term. Would you buy a car that needs constant maintenance and over price accessories (360) or would you buy a car that has the initial steep price but all in one package (PS3)?

True, I don't know about most people but I know when many of my family and friends fall under a budget, they come to me for all computer and electronic advices or someone who's familiar with (fill in blank) type of products. I usually do a lot of product research ranging from TVs to cameras to consoles and give them a quick outline of each product and give a suggestion but leave the final decision to them.

I would have to say Sony has been stepping up on their advertisement, I've seen quite a few Playstation commercial over the last month or so.

XGRaViSmOrSX3580d ago

only problem ultimate is that most of these features arent known to the average joe who goes in there looking to buy the 360 arcade unit for $199.

until sony figures out a way to get this info out. other than the hardcore or tech savvy most wont know what the ps3 is truly capable of and why its more than worth the $399 pricetag.

another thing i think that has been hurting sony most in hardware sales is a compelte lack of software advertising. its hard to gain market share when almost all big bugdet titles end w/ the xbox live jump in logo. leading many of those uninformed regular joes to think that the game is only available on the 360. leading to more 360 sales.

thenickel3580d ago

You guys act as if PS3 is the this future proof console that in 5 years from now will be realized. Well it isn't and anything the PS3 can do can be done on 360 minus a bluray player. People don't have money right now so there much better off upgrading there 360. If the average Joe finds out that 360 can do everything PS3 can for less then there going with 360. Heck they've been doing patch work on PS3 to get it services up to par with 360 since launch and still haven't gotten there so how are they more future proof lol? In two years we will be in a new generation and it makes no sense at all to buy a PS3 when it's features will be old news in 2 years anyway.

die_fiend3580d ago

Pirate Thom knows nothing other than 2 say 'PS3 is better, SOLD MORE blah blah blah' He says it outsold in 2007 and 2008 but didn't the PS3 come out in late 2006? So if it outsold it in those 2 years how come the headstart that the 360 had of 5 million is now at 7.5 million if they've been outsold? The PS3 is falling further into 3rd place because of Sony's reluctance to lower the price (which is crazy considering they get royalties for blu-ray sales and games etc). They're pretty much destroying all their chances of getting out of last place at the moment. If it were like £200, I'd be very tempted to get one, purely because of the 2009 line-up, but as it stands, there's nothing that special coming out for it (Killzone 2 just doesn't appeal after playing the first, incredible graphics tho...)

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Mr PS33580d ago

But just for the Hell of It

The PS3

myothercar3580d ago (Edited 3580d ago )

I don't understand- the Wii's destroying every console in existence at being the fastest selling console of all time, and suddenly no other decent-selling consoles matter and are in a bad position? Ah, but then again, this is just a console wars article. lol, nevermind. I accidentally cared about this article.

Jon Cage3580d ago

However I found the article interesting because I found it on Yahoo's front page. This story is being fed directly to the masses. The gaming landscape is being rewritten as we speak. I am from the school that the more videogames become mainstream the better it is for the community. You will always have your immature fans that link their self worth with a piece of plastic that plays software, but like it or not the soccer moms and even your grandparents are getting into gaming. I see this generation of consoles as a golden age. We have so much great software and there is a console for everyone's different tastes. At the end of this "war" all gamers will be winners.