Cuphead director on why the game doesn't have health bars

Chad Moldenhauer, one of the directors of Cuphead, explains why the game doesn't have any health bars.

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Gaming4Life198189d ago (Edited 89d ago )

Why doesn't the game have online 2 player?

shinoff218387d ago

Because not every game needs to be online jeez.

anast89d ago

It has animations to tell you when you are progressing.

gleepot89d ago

Makes sense, and it really doesn't need them. The visual cues and transition animations are enough.

Owlbert89d ago (Edited 89d ago )

Really needs online multiplayer,why hasn't it got it yet?,it seemed like a no brainer bk on launch day,but here we are years later and no online multiplayer?
Whatever next,call of duty cancelling PvP?.

shinoff218387d ago

It doesnt need online, online already has enough. Not everything needs it.