God of War Ragnarok Update 1.03 Is Out, Has A Small Download Size

Sony Santa Monica has released another update 1.03 for God of War Ragnarok today. This one is just under 1 GB and is available now for PS4 and PS5.

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Metalane141d ago

So this just means it’s day 1 right? You download it as soon as you download the game itself?

Shikoku141d ago

Yeah cause the game isnt releasing til 11/9/22

roadkillers141d ago

I feel like this could be done in a better way. Updating any game is hirrendous

jznrpg141d ago

Games have massive amount of code . I think updates are great . Because it can take months to years to fix some small issues that hardly anybody runs into but gives devs a chance to to fix every problem possible that otherwise would never get fixed if updates weren’t a thing .

roadkillers141d ago

I understand, that’s why cloud is the future. No more updates

IamTylerDurden1141d ago

Virtually every game has a day one update and developers are working on using the cloud to implement real-time updates. Sony's Haven studio is attempting to innovate in this area.

IamTylerDurden1141d ago (Edited 141d ago )

There's something to be said about a flagship Sony release. Even though I don't expect it to match Barlog's 2018 masterpiece I am still extremely excited. Exceptional AAA single player games of this caliber are becoming more rare. You would think people would be positive and appreciate this but just like with forbidden West I see an overwhelming amount of criticism and negativity. Calling it DLC, a "PS4" game, and the desperate attempt to coin the lizard enemy as the new Craig. HFW received some of the same negativity in regards to Aloy memes, cross gen/PC criticism, and literally a campaign calling it copy paste/lazy devs. Ppl also trashed it as a Ubitower game as if virtually every open world game doesn't use the same philosophy in terms of the map. There was also a big push to turn the benchmark visuals into a negative saying the game was nothing more than eye candy.

It's weird to me how negative people are when they are getting incredibly high quality story based, single player games. Everyone cries about GaaS particularly Sony's push in this department. They cry how every publisher is abandoning single player. Then the same people either do not support the games upon release or they feed into the unwarranted negativity. I could understand if these games were bad.

TLOU2, Pt 1, Forbidden West, Ragnarok. These are some of the highest quality single player games on the market yet people allow these overwhelming campaigns of negativity to Fester. Death Stranding as well. It's unfortunate. They tried to do it with Rift Apart, Returnal, Miles, Spidey, Demon's Souls but luckily much of it didn't stick. Downplaying the SSD, Miles as DLC, Demon's Souls a PS3 game, Returnal as indie, and puddlegate. Ofc GT7 was coined a PS3 game even before the microtransaction controversy but that's not a traditional single player game. It may sound very fanboy but I won't shy away from the truth just because it fits a certain narrative. I love my game pass so it has nothing to do with bias. I just expect every major Sony release to receive a smear campaign at this point. I mean honestly the only one I can think of since 2019 that didn't get attacked was Ghost of tsushima but that might just have been a positive response coming off the back of the last of Us Part 2 which received more disgusting negativity than I have seen since maybe battlefront 2. Two very different circumstances as well.

TrickyMic141d ago

not trying to hate, but why is there a news story about a game update for a game that hasnt released yet?