CVG FEAR 2: Project Origin Preview

Project Origin has gone back to its roots. After a convoluted process involving a split between Monolith and brand owners Vivendi, a new title-finding competition, a merger, reacquisition of the FEAR name and, let's say - merely for the sake of interest in this increasingly wretched narrative - the discovery of the Holy Grail in the throat of a velociraptor that fell from a stained glass time machine - the FEAR sequel can finally actually be called FEAR 2. Result.

It starts just half an hour before the original ends, but follows Delta Force sergeant Michael Beckett and his elite squad of soon-to-be-dead soldiers as they enter a new location. While the first was set in the grey corridors of the Armacham Technology Corporation, FEAR 2 lobs you into the posh building in which Genevieve Aristide lives.

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