Batman: Arkham Knight Deserves a Remaster After Gotham Knights' Failure

Gotham Knights was a total bust and makes it even more clear that Batman: Arkham Knights deserves a contemporary remaster.

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-Foxtrot100d ago

I think I'd rather see them create a new entry but considering how Knight ended, I doubt they could do another one unless they recreate a new Universe

I'd love a new Batman game which takes heavy inspiration from the 90s Animated Series.

pixlz100d ago

Still wondering how that ending gets referenced, considering Suicide Squad next year, *is* a direct sequel.

blackblades99d ago

I think people forget that suicide squad is a sequel to the series.

CorndogBurglar100d ago

There was nothing about the ending of Arkham Knight that says they can't continue making Batman games on that universe. Batman didn't die.

-Foxtrot99d ago

No he didn't but it felt like it wrapped things up

Everyone knows who Batman is now so what's the point

josh-eh99d ago

Make an Arkham game based on the 90's cartoon and it'll be instantly successful. Just do it already!

Rimeskeem100d ago

I would be ok with a remake of the Arkham series.

isarai100d ago

Including origins this time ffs

jeromeface99d ago

yea, origins, by far the weakest entry... no thanks

isarai99d ago


It really isnt, best gadgets and bossfights in the series by a longshot.

GhostScholar99d ago

Origins is by far the best story in the whole series and the only game in the series with good boss battles.

H9100d ago

It plays good, it looks absolutely stunning even by today's standards, no remaster needed

LucasRuinedChildhood100d ago

Yeah, just gives us a 60fps patch and resolution bump. It looks better than Gotham Knights. lol. It doesn't need a remake.

They should really patch the Arkham remasters back to being 60fps again like they were at launch. They were very lazy remasters.

OhReginald100d ago

How about fix the game before working on something else..?

Lighter9100d ago

Gotham Knights is a failure? How? It's not supposed to be an Arkham game. It's a different game. It took me awhile to get that, but yeah.

StarkR3ality100d ago

Because it's a boring wannabe live service grind fest with sub par visuals and performance, with terrible writing. Takes away all the arsenal, makes enemies punch sponges. It's a terrible game mate.

myfathersbastard99d ago

I agree 100%. It was very clearly made to be a full on games as a service type game, like Marvels Avengers. Then that went over bad and sold terribly. So they pulled back on that for Knights and we got this mess of a game. They tried to save what they could from a completely different gameplay style and shoehorn in a single player aspect. And it just didn’t work.

Elda99d ago

Not at all. I'm enjoying the game immensely & the graphics are pretty good. The game is fun.

txboy0599d ago

The game is pretty fun to me. Only people on the internet think it’s boring. Maybe some of y’all haven’t really played it.

GhostScholar99d ago

Have you played the game at all? Characters level's that a grind?

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CorndogBurglar100d ago (Edited 100d ago )

It's a failure because it sucks. They tried to piggy back off the Arkham games, which is blindingly obvious, yet they removed a lot of things from it.

They should have kept it in the Arkham universe, pretended that the secret ending of Arkham Knight wasn't canon, then made a new Arkham game with the Bat Family. But instead they removed so many mechanics that now it just feels like a weak, wannabe Arkham game.

Shane Kim100d ago

They must remove mechanics, otherwise they can't sell you Gotham Knights 2 and 3 where they are added back in.

Lighter999d ago

I agree that they should've kept in the Arkham universe. Maybe it would've messed up the story for Suicide Squad.

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